McCarthy continued his confidence-building tour, offering less supportable claims. He began by encouraging the Vikings to blitz more. "We love it--it opens more holes," McCarthy belched. "We hope they do more of it on Saturday."

Unfortunately for Green Bay, McCarthy's cajoling likely will fall on deaf ears in Minnesota. Last Sunday, Minnesota recorded five sacks and seven hurries--all by defensive linemen and all without the benefit of the blitz. Those numbers suggest not only that Minnesota did not greatly benefit from the blitz on Sunday, but, also, that Minnesota likely can afford less of the blitz and more of the standard defense on Saturday.
Vikes Geek: McCarthy's Anxiety Loud and Clear

Not only did we rattle their QB last week, we also have their HC rattled as well. Now he is yapping like ole Sexy Rexy.

LOL, remember when a lot of you wanted ole Rexy for your head coach?