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Thread: The Mascot!

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    Re: The Mascot!

    "ShanePurpleBlood" wrote:
    I thought it was a good comic relief for what was going down on the field yesterday.

    :lol: :lol:
    the comic relief was our offense! buh-dum-tisk! eyo!

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    Re: The Mascot!

    They only show Ragnar dancing on T.V. once in a blue moon, hmmm, bad choice of words....ummm, every once in a while. Man that cracks me up. I had to go back on TiVO so my dad could see it too.

    WBLvikebabe, you hit that nail on the head. They have doom and gloomed, and called for everyone in the organizations head twice now. Just as well give Ragnar the call too. Among the boo-birds there seems to be no one sacred, no one bad game, no chance to learn, no chance to prove ones self, BEFORE getting the axe. Quick send the Turk.

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