Havent been around in a while but I wanted to post on what Ive seen thus far this year.

Its a great start and aside from a 30 second lapse in concentration this team could easily be 4-0. The Defense has played better than expected, I like the new D Coord. The team looks physical and fast. WE have a nice mix on the DL and the secondary is much improved.

Offense looks good thus far. They are still a little predictable but we are controlling posession by not turning the ball over as well as sustaining drives. Peterson is a total beast and never ceases to amaze me. Simpson is everything we wanted Berrian to be but never was......

How we finish will be interesting but I think we are looking 8-8 or 9-7 at best. The good news is that weve already mathced last years win total. A little added confidence can go a long way toward making a run at the end.

I like whats cooking up there in the Nothland, keep it up and most of all SKOL Vikings!!