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Thread: Marion Barber?

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    Marion Barber?

    Ties to Minnesota, now available. Does he fit the mold for AP's back up? Toby is great and all, but did he really prove anything last season?

    Guess it depends on money.

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    Re: Marion Barber?

    No thanks. Doubt he comes cheap, and can't cut it in Dallas' backfield.

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    Re: Marion Barber?

    Seriously? Toby was a rookie. No way we should or will give up on him after one year to go after a guy who will command way more money than he's worth. Barber was a stud when we wanted to pound between the tackles. Now he's turned into a player who wants to be a burner on the outside, which he's not capable of doing.

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    Re: Marion Barber?

    no thanks Gerhart did show improvement over the course of the season and he's cheaper, and played really well the game he did start. 20 carries for like 80 yards, i mean not peterson numbers but still good.

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