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    Marcus McCauley signed by Redskins

    Doughty, Williams go to IR; Redskins add RB, CB
    With one game to go in their lost season, the Washington Redskins put two more players -- offensive lineman Mike Williams and safety Reed Doughty -- on the injured-reserve list Wednesday and signed running back P.J. Hill and cornerback Marcus McCauley to their 53-man roster.


    McCauley was a third-round pick in the 2007 draft by Minnesota, and he played 16 games with the Vikings that year. He has 10 NFL starts and 27 appearances. He played in one game with Detroit this year and has been on the rosters of both New Orleans and Tampa Bay, but he didn't play for either team.
    Good for him. Nothing like going to a sucky team for a week to really lift one's holiday spirit.


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    Re:Marcus McCauley signed by Redskins

    I'm surprised The Walrus didn't pick him up and stick him in that hellhole for the rest of his career.
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    Re:Marcus McCauley signed by Redskins

    Thanks for the read Z.

    Obviously there is something there that teams like on tape. Drafted in the 3rd, bounced around a bit. I wonder if he doesn't just have issues with how NFL staffs work.

    Makes me think of J. Kennedy. Once he finally got on a team that convinced him to play DT instead of wanting to play DE, things are going good. Maybe all Marcus needs is the right staff to motivate him.

    Couple of Deadskin smucks came up and asked me about MC. I think I was kindof honest when I said he came in, played good his first year when Whinny went down and then kindof shut it down.

    Makes me wonder if maybe, just maybe, Marcus liked playing for Tomlin but not Leslie.
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