"PurplePeopleEaters69" wrote:
Thanks for posting the articles.

As much as it pains me reading them it does bring back some good memories and obviously one really bad memory.
Still, nothing can make up for that 1998 season.
I wasn't alive for the four super bowl losses, and 98 really broke my heart.
The last time I ever cried was January 17, 1999.
The worst day of my life.
I'll never get over it.
It still hurts to this day.
I don't know if I can ever forgive Gary Anderson missing that kick.

However, I will never stop loving the Vikings and supporting them.

Fitz was right...that was OUR Lombardi Trophy that Elway held.
No doubt in my mind we would have beaten the Broncos.
Hopefully he returns home to play for the Vikes when his contract in Arizona is up.
Elway later went on record saying he feared the Vikings.

Winning isn't everything but losing sure is nothing. I'll never get over it.