"mamaluke" wrote:
"V4L" wrote:
Jackson didnt really do that bad

Improved from last game

He didnt turn the ball over except for a very nice play by the defensive end

He would have had around 200 yards if not for a very bogus non call on a pass interference and without Shanks signature touchdown drop

We also could have won (yes im going to use could have, I know woulda coulda shoulda) if it werent for horrible play calling and we would have controlled the rest of the clock if the refs would have gave us that clear call

We could have came away with a win but its hard to play against the colts and the refs

Yeah, keep making excuses for the guy while we keep taking it in the keyster. I am not saying it is all T-Jacks fault but the guy is not going to take us anywhere. Has the guy ever thrown for over 250 yards in a game yet? And 250 is not a lot to ask for. He is a average to good QB at best but will never be in the same league with a Manning, Favre or Brady or even a Roethlisberger or Romo. These days you need a gol 'darnit good QB to take it all the way and TJ is no where close to being there. We are going on 3 years now and it is about time he puts up or get's sent packing. The guy has some of the worst mechanics I have ever seen in a QB and misses wide open guy's too gol 'darnit much. Manning proved today that he is by far the way superior QB and he pulled out a win from almost certain defeat. When the hell is T-Jack going to perform a similar feat and how long are we supposed to sit back and wait. And Childress is just as responsible with his jack-jiggly butt play calling and having faith in the guy.
has any qb that started for us had one game like that under childress?
we have not had one fluke game where the qb lights it up over the 3 years hes been coach.
and thats normal.
if anything that totally shows me that its childress and how hes using his qbs.
hes not letting them play, hes making them run his system which is not working.
can anyone remember one instance where it seemed like childress outcoached the other team?
it seems we win games where we are just more talented.
but if anyone is even on par with us, boom, we get outplayed and outsmarted.
f- the qb situation, plenty of teams are winning with orten, griese, cassel, t.edwards, v.young, and so on.
we haven't been able to win consistently with any qb we've used.
yes it would be nice if we had a p.manning, but we dont, and many teams dont, but they still find ways to win.
fact is childress has not done it as our coach.
not to mention we tend to lose all the tight games, which makes you wonder if we can do anything with childress if it comes down to decision making in the final period.