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    Man vs. Machine - Vikings picks

    I found this one on Fox Sports...

    Peter Schrager /

    When I first cracked open "NCAA 06" for Playstation 2, I couldn't resist simulating through the entire 2005 season. After five minutes of flashing scores, the final results to the upcoming college football year were ready.

    The computer had Tennessee beating USC in the Rose Bowl for the National Championship, Matt Leinart winning the Heisman Trophy and Rutgers finishing with only two wins.

    I couldn't argue the simulation. It all sounded — if not 100 percent accurate — at least believable. But, something was awry. Scanning through the final top 25 rankings, Oklahoma was nowhere to be seen.

    Confused, I quickly checked the Sooners' season out. The stupid video game had the defending Big 12 champions finishing the season 6-5. 6-5? Blasphemous! This wasn't Baylor we were talking about. It was Oklahoma! Absolutely baffled, I discovered that the computer had the Sooners dropping games to UCLA, Texas A&M, Texas and Oklahoma State. But dumbest of all, the PS2 had un-ranked TCU knocking off Oklahoma in Norman during Week 1. Just a ridiculous thought.

    Well, I learned my lesson this weekend. I'll never question a video game again.

    With the NFL season kicking off this week, I figured I'd give the computer another shot to prove me wrong. Not since Kasparov played Deep Blue has there been a more important Man vs. Machine matchup. That's right, for the 2005 season, I picked every NFL game on the docket. So did "Madden 06". Here were the results:

    Come January, we'll see if man beat the machine.

    Peter's Picks

    AFC East

    New England: 11-5
    Buffalo: 8-8
    New York Jets: 6-10
    Miami: 3-13

    AFC North

    Baltimore: 11-5
    Pittsburgh: 9-7
    Cincinnati: 5-11
    Cleveland: 3-13

    AFC South

    Indianapolis: 12-4
    Tennessee*: 11-5
    Jacksonville*: 9-7
    Houston: 7-9

    AFC West

    Denver: 11-5
    Kansas City: 9-7
    San Diego: 9-7
    Oakland: 8-8

    NFC East

    Philadelphia: 13-3
    New York Giants: 8-8
    Dallas: 7-9
    Washington: 7-9

    NFC North

    Minnesota: 10-6
    Green Bay: 8-8
    Detroit: 6-10
    Chicago: 5-11

    NFC South

    Carolina: 12-4
    Atlanta*: 9-7
    Tampa Bay*: 8-8
    New Orleans: 7-9

    NFC West

    St. Louis: 10-6
    Seattle: 8-8
    Arizona: 5-11
    San Francisco: 3-13

    * Denotes wild card team

    # NFL MVP: Steve McNair, Tennessee
    # Offensive Rookie of the Year: Carnell "Cadillac" Williams, Tampa Bay
    # Defensive Rookie of the Year: Adam "Pac Man" Jones, Tennessee
    # NFL Coach Of the Year: Jeff Fisher, Tennessee
    # NFL's Comeback Player of the Year: Kyle Boller, Baltimore

    Playoffs: (Home Teams in CAPS)

    AFC wild-card round:

    NEW ENGLAND beats Jacksonville
    BALTIMORE beats Tennessee

    AFC divisional round

    New England beats DENVER
    INDIANAPOLIS beats Baltimore

    AFC championship

    INDIANAPOLIS beats New England

    NFC wild-card round
    MINNESOTA beats Atlanta
    ST. LOUIS beats Tampa Bay

    NFC divisional round
    PHILADELPHIA beats Minnesota
    St. Louis beats CAROLINA

    NFC Championship

    St. Louis beats PHILADELPHIA

    Super Bowl XL

    Indianapolis: 37 — St. Louis: 20

    Super Bowl MVP: Peyton Manning

    "Madden 06" Picks:

    AFC East

    New England: 11-5
    New York Jets*: 10-6
    Buffalo: 7-9
    Miami: 4-12

    AFC North

    Pittsburgh: 13-3
    Baltimore: 9-7
    Cincinnati: 6-10
    Cleveland: 5-11

    AFC South:

    Indianapolis: 9-7
    Jacksonville: 8-8
    Tennessee: 8-8
    Houston: 4-12

    AFC West

    Denver: 10-6
    Kansas City*: 9-7
    San Diego: 6-9-1
    Oakland: 6-10

    NFC East

    Astonishingly, the PS2 does not have Donovan McNabb's Eagles even making the postseason.
    Dallas: 10-5-1
    Philadelphia: 10-6
    Washington: 7-9
    New York Giants: 6-9-1

    NFC North

    Minnesota: 12-4
    Chicago: 11-5*
    Green Bay: 6-10
    Detroit: 3-13

    NFC South

    Carolina: 10-6
    Tampa Bay: 9-7
    Atlanta: 7-9
    New Orleans: 7-9

    NFC West

    Seattle: 11-5
    St. Louis: 10-6*
    Arizona: 7-9
    San Francisco: 2-13-1

    *Denotes wild card team

    # NFL MVP: Edgerrin James, Indianapolis
    # NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year: J.J, Arrington, Arizona
    # NFL Defensive Player of the Year: Shawn Merriman, San Diego
    # NFL Coach of the Year: Lovie Smith, Chicago
    # NFL Comeback Player of the Year: Steve Smith, Carolina

    Playoffs: (Home Team in CAPS)

    AFC wild-card round:

    Kansas City beats DENVER
    INDIANAPOLIS beats New York Jets

    AFC divisional round:

    PITTSBURGH beats Kansas City
    NEW ENGLAND beats Indianapolis

    AFC championship

    NEW ENGLAND beats Pittsburgh

    NFC wild-card round

    DALLAS beats St. Louis
    CAROLINA beats Chicago

    NFC divisional round

    MINNESOTA beats Carolina
    SEATTLE beats Dallas

    NFC championship

    MINNESOTA beats Seattle

    Super Bowl XL

    Minnesota 31 — New England 24

    Super Bowl MVP: Daunte Culpepper

    Looking at it now, I want to smash my PS2. Chicago finishing 11-5? The Eagles not making the playoffs? It's just not conceivable.

    Then again, neither was TCU beating Oklahoma.
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

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    Re: Man vs. Machine - Vikings picks

    Let's hope that the PS2 is right for once.

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    Re: Man vs. Machine - Vikings picks

    wait a sec.....Madden doesnt have a "Comeback Player of the Year" award, and if you made that up, you must have made it all up. Im kidding, but when i had a franchise in madden, the Vikings played the Colts in the super bowl 6 consecutive seasons. It was crazy....

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