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Thread: Make or break

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    Re: Make or break

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "kevoncox" wrote:
    "PurpleSun" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "PurpleSun" wrote:
    [quote author=Derek Rick link=topic=48347.msg847974#msg847974 date=1223313139]
    Tonight and next week are must wins if Chilly wants to save his job. He better be pulling out all the stops tonight. No stupid Challenges either.
    Stupid challenges are Childresse's trademark.
    Come on, the challenges are on his staff as well.
    The guys upstairs looking to see whether to throw the red flag.
    So who decided it was smart to call a time out to discuss a play with the refs, then to throw the flag.
    Losing the challenge with a end result of burning 2 time outs.

    Sure the guys upstairs advise Childress, but in the end it's his call.
    I would love to know the challenge upheld/overturned stats for each coach.
    I would think Childress would be in the bottom 5.
    I still get laughed at at work for that one and Ultra has never had a opinion about it. Why? because it was an idiotic call and it summarizes the last 3 years of his coaching reign. He is a terrible head coach. He may be a great or decent OC but a terrible coach. I may have to assassinate him myself for the betterment of the team : tears:
    Oh, it's you again.
    Nobody ever asked my opinion about.

    Yes, the TO was dumb.
    Challenging the play was not.

    And your last statement is not amusing at all.


    It wasn't ment to be ha ha funny, just wah wah sad. Sorry if it rubbed you the wrong way.
    I think you missed the point Ultra( as always). You don't call a time out to decide whether you are going t challenge a play. You are wasting the time out you are trying to save. It's idiotic! The choice to chllenge was fine, the chice t waste a time out doing so was foolish.

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    Re: Make or break

    And it all comes down to this
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Make or break

    I really hope we can win tonight...BUT...

    I truly believe that if we can handle Chicago the rest of the way, we can still make the or lose tonight...look at the schedule, we can do it.

    A win tonight would be huge!

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