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    Re: Major Trade Incoming?

    ESPN is reporting that the Vikings are considering offering Jackson a 1 year deal worth a reported 4-6 million while guaranteeing Jackson that the Vikings would not franchise him next season. Also under consideration is the compensation that the San Diego Chargers would receive in exchange. No doubt that between now and Wednesday, there will be a million rumors regarding Jackson, but I stand by my assumption that he makes a great fit for the Minnesota Vikings.
    Minnesota Vikings to meet within hours to discuss Jackson
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    Re: Major Trade Incoming?

    midgensa wrote:
    Minniman wrote:
    Marrdro wrote:
    Zeus wrote:
    And here's some stuff from Peter King:

    Though I love Jackson, one of my two All-Pro receivers in 2009, I see these problems with the Vikings trading for and signing him:


    I understand the desperation. But for the Vikings, it's clear Jackson's not the answer.
    As I said earlier in this thread (I suppose you want me to go get it for you as proof :P ), I don't think Vinny Jack is a one year fix.

    I think that this staff is looking at a long term fix here. Signing him would do two things....

    a. Move El Syd out to a different role that wouldn't pound him as much.

    b. Allow us to drop BB and use PH as a deep threat with Vinny Jack and El Syd running the short to intermediate range routes, which also should extend the life of PH IMHO.

    Additionally, I don't agree with King that this team is built to win now and then is over. Way to much young talent on this team to think that it will just fold up and go away at the end of the year.

    Granted, Bryzcheapski needs to work some of his magic with respect to contracts, but if a few of them can't get signed, we have young talent waiting to get on the field if they go.
    One thing to consider here is that Jackson will basically replace Bernard Berrina and some money will come from that contract. I would like to see the Vikings trade BB and a draft pick for Jackson.

    Jackson would have to accept a deal that does not break the bank, because the money pool may dry up after the lockout.
    Why in the hell would the Chargers want to unload Jackson and his want for a contract to the Vikings for Berrian and his already ridiculous contract?
    Some times a change of scenery is good for both parties.

    Nevertheless, I said it is what I would have liked. I did not state there was a high percentage that either the Vikings have proposed it or the Chargers would have accepted it.

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    Re: Major Trade Incoming?

    Nobody would give us anything for Berrian.....they know how poorly he's playing. I think we're stuck with him and he may get his act together when he's not being asked to be Sidney Rice.
    It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.
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