Marrdro wrote:
Caine wrote:
So now you're going to try and sell "Locker room friction" as the reason we suck?

Child, please.

The only FA of note we acquired last season was Favre. This season, no one. Where are the Prima-Donna's you talk about?

Favre? Really? Why is that? Because the media insists that it might be true? Because we fans, tired of Childress and his inept offense are HOPING that it's true?

Again, stop.
So you don't think there is any friction between the Noodle and the Chiller?

I don't think there is a mutiny in the locker room, but I do believe that he and the Chiller have a bit of a tiff going on, dating back to the game last year when he tried to pull him.

I also do not believe that the Chiller wanted him back.

Sure some players went down there. So did the Chiller. Doesn't mean the Chiller wanted him. First trip is just a trip to find out if he was coming back and if the team could move on.

Second trip, I believe, was done by the players cause the ownership wanted it to happen. I think the pay increase is an indicator that they weren't against the trip.
1: There is locker room friction - mostly between the players who want to win, and Chiller. The early season comments about players not believing he knows much about football and such...those gain more and more validity as the season progresses. But that isn't why we suck...that's what's keeping us out of the cellar.

2: You're right, Chiller didn't WANT Favre back...he wanted to put Jackson in. Sadly, after a few preseason appearances, Chiller realized he NEEDED Favre back, and sent the boys a-begging.

3: The pay increase was their pathetic attempt o expedite the process. Had they fired Chiller, it would have happened a lot quicker.

Marrdro wrote:
Caine wrote:
Many of us have pointed out for a LONG time that our Defense was aging. That was one of my arguments AGAINST wasting time trying to develop Jackson further (Check the past 3 years or so, I've been saying it a LONG time), the fact that our critical Defensive players are aging.
How in the heck can developing a QB take away from the defense?

Are you saying the coaching staff can't do both? Develop a QB and improve other positions of the team.


Critical players is another interesting comment. Are you also trying to say that certain players can't be replaced? Heavens forbid. All is lost. Phat Pat, The Noodle etc etc are gonna be gone. Quit hoping for wins.

Comeon my friend, your really reaching today. :P
I'm not reaching, you're reading into what I'm saying things I'm NOT saying.

1: I didn't want to waste more YEARS developing Jackson because every year we wasted was another year our Defense AGED. I started on that point about 3 years ago. 3 years later, we're seeing some of our critical guys falling off production wise.

2: No one is irreplaceable. No one. But based upon who we have on our roster RIGHT NOW, certain players are more valuable than others (Care to argue that too?). And, due to Chiller's mismanagement, the guys we currently bank heavily on are falling off. And it's not just Pat and Brett...although those will be tough to replace.

A: Brett leaves...who's on deck? Jokeson? Webb? Webb is the only QB we'll have under contract next season...and don't even PRETEND Jackson is worth the franchise tag. End result: We're screwed.

B: Pat Williams...who's stepping up and filling that slot? Anyone?

C: Winfield. Have we found a solid starting Corner that ISN'T hurt yet? Cook and Griffin MIGHT be good...but we never see them long enough to find out.

D: Leber, Henderson, and Greenway. Leber is getting old, Henderson isn't as dominant as he was, and Greenway hasn't seen a deal. We're REALLY thinking long term with THAT group, aren't we?

E: Safeties...suck. Need new ones.

F: Receivers - Berrian needs to be replaced, Rice may or may not be a really good one (We know he's really FRAGILE), and we already know that Harvin can't do it alone (And when he gets migraines, he can't do it at all!!).

G: O-line. How much suck is THAT?!?!?!? When Sullivan is out, the turnstile is open. Now, we're going to be possibly minus Herrera as well? WONDERFUL!! Wasn't this a priority of Chiller's? Didn't he say from day ONE that he was going to build a new Line? OH YEAH, HE DID!!! Well...he did a shit job. as usual.

But, hey, by all means let's waste what window of opportunity we DO have by putting the franchise in the hands of a QB who has NEVER shown he can pull the load.

That's what I call stupid.

Marrdro wrote:
Caine wrote:
Now it's come back to bite us, and you want to blame locker room friction?

Not even close.
Of course it isn't close. Thats cause thats not what I am saying.

What I am saying is that the FO pukes lack of effort to sign players is our problem.

Has nothing to do with lockerroom friction but rather agents telling players, relax, they don't want us, protect yourself, the next team will.

That isn't a problem created by a HC. Thats a problem created by a FO that hasn't been given the freedom to open the checkbook like you seem to think is always open.
I don't buy the agents in the player's ears telling them to ease off. I think it's EXACTLY a problem created by the Head Coach who has stomped around telling people he's in charge....then throws EVERYONE ELSE under the bus when things fall apart.

Chiller has made it VERY clear that HE calls the shots, HE is the boss, HE runs the you're trying to sell us on the notion that he's really NOT?


Again, there IS friction between Chiller and Favre. mostly because Favre knows what it takes to win in the NFL, and Chiller knows what it takes to win at Madden '09.

Chiller has screwed this franchise seven ways to Sunday, and Wilf has stood there watching - and cheering - the whole time. It's time to bring in FOOTBALL people and save what we can of our team...

...before Zygi moves them to LA.

Marrdro wrote:
Caine wrote:
But the rest is absolutely true. We are aging/dropping off at certain critical positions Defensively. The PROBLEM is that Chiller's mismanagement has put us in a "We're Screwed" position for the future.

We will need a Defensive overhaul shortly due to the number of aging guys that are dropping off..but we are also left with only Joe Webb at QB after this season. And our Receiver corps has been shown to be a joke, so we need help there. We ALSO need a new LT, and might need a RT as well if Loadholt doesn't quit acting like McKinney.

So, who do we acquire first? What do we fix first? Had Chiller been paying attention, he'd have seen this coming...

...I guess he was too busy watching the waiver wire, waiting to see who Andy Reid dropped off for him.

Caine :P
So we are back to the Chiller working contracts, working extensions, signing players.........

Comeon, the mismanagement I agree with you on, but what I don't agree with you on is who should bare the burden of blame.

Does the Chiller have a say in who gets a deal? I think he does, probably more than most HC's, but I think this falls more towards Bryzcheapski and Spielman and possibly a bit on the Ownership groups worry about a stadium deal than it does the HC.

You should know better than to try that little tact with me. I'm not your average chucklehead who thinks the HC does everything. :laugh:
Again, Chiller doesn't do it ALL...but he wields the most power. That puts MOST of the blame on HIM. No one gets ON this team without Chiller saying "Yes". No one stays on this team if Chiller says "No".

The canning of Moss should have shown everyone exactly who calls the's Chiller. And he's been screwing the pooch for a LONG time...while you keep blaming everyone else.

Wake up and smell the excrement!!!

Fire Chiller
Fire Mark Wilf