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    Re: M Moore sits behind Ned?

    "akavikefan1969" wrote:
    At times I wonder what the staff is thinking. A rookie starts for a depleted RB corp. and has 3 games that are outstanding. No surprise as he is 2nd all time NCAA in rushing and Receiving. He gets injured and now healthy he is benched behind Ned?
    Smith is the new starter then Bennett,Moe who is better and smarter than Bennett, and ST guy Ned.
    Has the staff ever done anything as stupid? This kid comes in and blows away the Opps. D and has a better day than any Vikes RB in quite a while. His reward is spot 5 and ST.
    It is time for a change. Never since Les have we had such a terrible coaching staff in place. And it has cost us this past 3 years.
    Maybe Red will sell and the new guy will put a Coach in place that makes some....just some smart moves.....just some.
    Possibly, the Vikes are playing Smith so they can trade him next year.
    They have Moore, and Bennett, and Moe. who knows.....


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    M Moore sits behind Ned?

    Thank you. :salute:

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    M Moore sits behind Ned?

    Yes I stated that my self a few days ago on KFAN.
    and as for posting check for my old handle
    vikefan1969 from sometime back
    I have battled with emails to get back here and had to invent a new email address after over a year of no replies.
    and check the KFAN for my comments that it may be for trade value as Smith will get popped again
    40 for 60
    1969 NFL Champions

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    M Moore sits behind Ned?

    Since we are talking about RBs I just want to say I think it is time for Bennett to go.

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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