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Yep, we finished 11-5 alright, but that was after a 2-0 start.

We are 0-2 right now & if we finish the rest of the season in the same fashion as we did last year, that puts us at 9-7 & probably not in a position to win the NFCN, unless we win most our divisional games.

Keep in mind too, that Favre had an amazing year last year to help us finish 11-5. Critics & Favre have said it was his best year ever.

I don't think Favre is going to top that or even match that, especially with the loss of Rice & Harvin dinged up every week.

Adding V-Jack will definitely help, but I think finishing 11-5 is a stretch.

As I stated in a different thread, prior to the start of the season, I think 9-7 is where we'll be at.
I'm not as confident in the price for the trade for Jackson (Rams reported to still be interested), contract and his current conditioning (no training camp and cannot be with the team training during his DUI suspension, could he be a Darrell Revis hammy injury waiting to happen) and when can he hit the field week 4, 5 or is it 7.

Also more concerned about his attitude, more so than Koren Robinson when he came to the Vikings or Jared Allen with their past DUI problems because of the way this whole holdout has gone with him I guess. I get the feeling he is a high risk, high cost, possible delayed fix, one year contract (short term), and he isn't familiar with our team or system.

On a sidebar the Vikes have already had enough guys miss too much training camp
He would be eligible to return for Game 5 vs. the Cowboys ... he would have 3 full weeks of practice leading up to that.
If the deal is done Wednesday

I'm still concerned about the trade cost, AJ Smith, Rams and now 2 other teams being interested per Adam Schefter latest tweet.
Smith will win in a trade, he won't settle and will just let Jackson sit.(he's the Chiller of GM's and VP's)