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    LT and AP best RB in the NFL

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    Re: LT and AP best RB in the NFL

    Between the 2, I would rank LT higher than AP only because he's been going at it longer and has proven to be a constant threat year in, year out.
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    Re: LT and AP best RB in the NFL

    when the experts are giving questions like this about a player on the Vikes.. it's the kinda questioning i can live with.

    i can't really say AD is better NFL stat wise compared to LT, but i do believe he is a better RB and time will show that.


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    Re: LT and AP best RB in the NFL

    I haven't seen LT tear apart one of the better NFL defenses to the tune of 296 yards recently.

    ... and that with defenses jamming the box and no real passing game to loosen that up.

    Put AP on the Chargers and he would be unstoppable, due to their passing game. Put LT on the Vikings, and he would not be that impressive, because defenses would take his lanes away.

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