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On the topic of being fired up, If you go to Kfan they probably have a replay of the interview that Berrian did with P.A. and he stated that the players started out flat. In fact he said Bobby Wade was telling him something to the effect that it was hard to get motivated for the game.

That to me is troubling. I would think the thought of carting groceries as an alternative career would be enough to motivate Bobby but maybe not. But anyway I believe he said that he said the whole offense came out flat but then picked up tempo as the game went on.
Thanks my friend.

Wonder why......Coaching?
Knowledge the QB wasn't gonna get it right?
Let down from the last win/game?

funny, i brought that up earlier, that they weren't fired up for the lions, because they probaby looked at them as pushovers, yet you didn't agree with me, however, once the media makes not of it, you mention something.
I didn't agree with you, if memory served because you seemed to think it was because the team took them for granted and then got fired up when they saw they might not win...

I blamed it on the coaches for not preparing them......

Again, wonder why?