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    Love the hustle from Kalil!

    This is kind of awesome. Check out Kalil on AD's 61 yard TD run against the Motor City Kitties. He is the LEFT tackle (#75). The play is a run to the right. Not only does Kalil manage to get all the way over to the right side of the field to deliver a block, but he also sprints the entire 61 yards right behind AD to make sure he gets into the endzone.

    A LT sprinting 61 yards to escort his RB into the endzone. Holy Crap.

    RB Peterson, 61-yd, run, TD - NFL Videos
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Kalil's no big tub of goo like our last LT, he's a new breed of LT. Smaller, slim(relatively speaking of course) and quick. I dont' think he'll ever be a truly dominating run blocker who engulfs DL players due to his size and build, but he should be one hell of a lineman for us.

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    Kalil is the real deal on many levels. He cares about football, about being the best, at his position, and, in his family. He was a no-brainer pick for the Vikings... In my view, there is no valid counter argument, especially with a young QB and Adrian Peterson. We should be very happy Kalil is a Viking.

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    I agree bigK isn't just a tub of mass like the M'k was. but he is in no way a small guy. i've seen him in some pics compared to other people and he's HUGE.. during the draft dad and i argued that yes, we NEED this position, YES he is the best in the draft, MAYBE he pans out..

    i'm so glad i'm eating crow on this one. I liked the pick but really thought we needed the WR or CB at that level more. bigK is a position starter for the long haul, high talent, high ceiling, and enthusiasm to get better. with Jared as a work partner going in and out seeing one of the best, it's a great pick, and yeah i guess. a def no brainer as yeah we neeeeeeded him.


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