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    Losing record, off-field drama not damaging Vikings' ratings

    Losing record, off-field drama not damaging Vikings' ratings

    "The Vikings woes haven't hurt them in the TV ratings. If anything, trouble can make a team even more compelling to viewers. "

    Judd Zulgad
    Last update: October 27, 2005 at 7:17 PM

    The Vikings' off-field issues and on-field struggles might have fans upset, but evidently they aren't mad enough to tune out on Sunday afternoons.

    Through six games, the Vikings are averaging a 29.5 rating (491,323 households) and 62 share in the Twin Cities. The rating is off 11 percent from a 33.1 at the same time last season, but the share remains the same.

    The decline in rating is at least partially attributable to the fact that five games have started at noon. Last season, the Vikings had two prime-time starts -- including a Week 2 Monday night game in Philadelphia -- and a 3:15 p.m. kickoff among their first six games.

    The rating measures the percentage watching a program among all television households, and at noon on Sunday fewer households are watching TV than later Sunday or a Monday night. That means there is less of a chance to get ratings points. Share, meanwhile, is the percentage tuned in among those homes with TVs in use at the time.

    Executives at Fox affiliate KMSP (Ch. 9) certainly have to be pleased. The station has aired all six games -- KMSP also will carry Sunday's noon start from Carolina -- and according to Nielsen Media Research each has been the top-rated program in the Twin Cities for that week.

    The Vikings have posted three ratings of 30-plus this season, including last Sunday's last-second victory over rival Green Bay. That game had a 32.1 rating and 67 share. The Vikings' season-high rating to date was a 32.6 for their Week 3 victory over New Orleans; the highest share was a 68 in Week 1 against Tampa Bay.

    John Rash, senior vice president of broadcast negotiations for Campbell Mithun advertising agency in Minneapolis, isn't surprised people continue to tune into Vikings games despite the team's 2-4 start and the alleged activities aboard a boat on Lake Minnetonka.

    "The viewing could have taken two directions, and not unlike an unexpected traffic jam where people swear they won't look at the wreck on the highway when they get up to it, it's almost inevitable that they will watch," Rash said. "So, while many fans might have sworn off the Vikings and claimed they wouldn't watch, the soap opera storyline has been so riveting that their on-field performance inevitably became just part of the narrative. Thus, the ratings have held up."

    Lowest-rated World Series

    The White Sox's four-game sweep of Houston saddled Fox with the lowest-rated World Series of all time (11.1 rating, 19 share), but the Minneapolis-St. Paul market could not be blamed. Game 4 had a 15.5 rating on KMSP, giving that station a four-game average rating of 12.1. That ranked the Twin Cities 13th out of the 55 metered markets in the United States. Nationally, this year's ratings were down 30 percent from the 15.8/26 the Red Sox-Cardinals Series in 2004.


    Sounds to me that contrary to popular belief of the media & people outside of Minnesota , the Vikings still have a lot of loyal fans watching them on Sundays.

    Hell, I could have told you that, just from what I saw of the fans at the dome last weekend. :grin:

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    Re: Losing record, off-field drama not damaging Vikings' ratings

    I think people were interested in the Sox since they are a Central team in the Twins division.

    Not surprised about the ratings for football. Fans are fans and all that complained about how bad the Vikes are and how they weren't going to watch, watched anyway. If they didn't then someone that loves drama that doesn't normally tune in, tuned in and took the disgusted fans spot.

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    Re: Losing record, off-field drama not damaging Vikings' ratings

    MLB should realize that it can't be the fluckn Red Sox or Yankees every year.....fact is, I like the variety of seeing two new teams in the diserves a WAKE UP CALL.....the league is in look at the Super Bowl, it doesn't matter who is in it year to year, it is the biggest event of the year EVERY YEAR, whether its Tampa Bay and Oakland, or Philly and N.E., or N.E. and Carolina, or Baltimore and N.Y., or Denver and Atlanta....its ALWAYS a hit

    As for the Vikings ratings, true fans never miss a game, regardless of controversy...we're used to it, Moss was on the team for many years....they're just like our kids, our bonehead kids might do something stupid like get some chick pregnant or get caught smoking pot or crash our cars into people, but they're ours and we have to make it to all of their high school football games, regarless of if their boneheads or not, they're ours and sometimes they make us really proud....your got to learn to deal with it, ppl make mistakes, and I'm not gonna hate em' for it....I make mistakes too, so I can't be condesending......


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    Re: Losing record, off-field drama not damaging Vikings' ratings

    the NFL is the most successful league int he world for that reason. the superbowl, no matter who is in it, people will be watching. sometimes its not even aobut the game, its everything that goes along with the game.

    and thats good that the vikings ratings are not low, as you would expect for a bad football team. its sad to say but, this world is run on controvery and when something is going wrong, people want to know about it.
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