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    Looks like Fowler can't come up with the money...

    Seems like this Zygmunt Wilf person will be taking over as general partner.

    EDIT: Oops, didn't mean to post in general NFL, can a mod please move it. Thanks

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    Re: Looks like Fowler can't come up with the money...

    Would someone who is already registered with please post the article...I registered but can't get in yet. TIA

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    Re: Looks like Fowler can't come up with the money...

    You have not heard anything lately about Reggie Fowler and his desire to buy the Vikings and to be the general partner and operate the club.

    Well Zygmunt Wilf, the big money man in Fowler's group, has made it clear to the NFL that he, and not Fowler, will be the general partner. The other investors in the purchase of the team from Red McCombs will be two other New Jersey real estate tycoons, David Mandelbaum and Alan Landis, and that while Fowler will be with the group, he will have only a minority interest.

    Nobody knows whether local automobile magnate Denny Hecker will still be a member of the group.

    Wilf will have to invest 30 percent of $475 million -- around $142.5 million of his own money -- to be the lead partner. This will not be a problem for Wilf, but Arizona businessman Fowler can't come up with that kind of cash.

    Some time ago, when Fowler was going to be the general partner, Wilf did visit with Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor and tried to get him to be an investor. Taylor told Wilf that he had his own group, and that he wanted to be the general partner and run the team.

    Wilf knows that his chances of getting state aid to build a stadium would improve with Taylor involved. The NFL big wheels would also like to have some local ownership.

    So don't be surprised if Taylor does get involved.

    Meanwhile, Wilf was in town Wednesday and spent time with Bart Rehbein, whose family-owned company has 362 acres in Lino Lakes.

    The word is that the Blaine property that has been talked about as a site for a stadium and a real estate development is owned by 20 different people. That will be a tough purchase to make. The owners are asking a lot of money for the site.

    On the other hand the Rehbein family, as a part of the sale, could be involved in the construction of the projects, and that would give them another advantage in negotiations with the Wilf group.

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    Re: Looks like Fowler can't come up with the money...

    Zygmunt Wilf... what a fricken awesome name!! I don't care who gets it, just as long as someone does whose name isn't Red

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    Re: Looks like Fowler can't come up with the money...

    That was an article yesterday and there is a new one today.

    Prospective Vikings owner Zygmunt Wilf completed a two-day trip to the Twin Cities by meeting Wednesday with a pair of Anoka County landowners whose properties sit on competing sites for a future stadium.

    Wilf soon is expected to replace Reggie Fowler as the general partner of a group proposing to purchase the Vikings. Steve Novak, the Anoka County point man for a new stadium, said Wilf indicated during meetings Wednesday that "there could be some reshuffling" of the investor group. Novak added: "We hope that includes making Mr. Wilf the lead investor. We have a lot of respect for him."

    Wilf has long taken the lead role among the Fowler group in discussions about a new stadium, as well as corresponding commercial development, in the northern suburbs. Wilf, however, took a further step on Tuesday by meeting with Vikings President Gary Woods, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. Wilf and Woods discussed the impending transfer from current owner Red McCombs, an event expected to happen during a May 24-25 NFL meeting in Washington, D.C.

    Wilf, who has made a fortune as a real estate developer in New Jersey, was not available for comment. With Wilf as the general partner, Fowler likely would be a limited partner.

    After meeting Tuesday with Woods, Wilf's itinerary included separate meetings with landowners Rick Wilder and Bart Rehbein of Anoka County. Wilder owns 140 acres of the proposed site in Blaine, while Rehbein's excavation company controls 362 acres in Lino Lakes. Wilder suggested this week that his land might be worth $20 million.

    Such land acquisition challenges, as well as Wilf's desire to build an open-air stadium, have led him to consider other options.

    "It's always hard to tell when people are talking about real estate," Rehbein said. "But I think they were reasonably interested and serious about finding out what they could about the status of the property. My gut feeling is that Blaine is still their No. 1 choice."

    Rehbein said the Lino Lakes tract is available.

    "We didn't slam the door and say we weren't interested in talking," he said. "We'd be interested in talking about it."

    Wilf's entourage Wednesday included representatives of the two other remaining investors in Fowler's group, David Mandelbaum and Alan Landis. The meetings were arranged by Vikings public affairs consultant Lester Bagley.

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    Re: Looks like Fowler can't come up with the money...

    What's with their half-a$$ effort in pursuing a stadium when they know it ain't gonna happen??? And what's the big deal about building an open air stadium anyway??? Is all this just a ploy so that he has an excuse for relocating to LA? He could easily say to us "Well, we tried but failed. So we're going to LA. Blame your politicians for this."

    I don't trust these guys as far as I can throw them. They are secretive, deceptive and do not give a rat's a$$ about the fans. If anybody is going to relocate us to LA, it would be a bunch of jerks like this group.

    I hope I'm wrong but I have a bad feeling about these guys.

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    Re: Looks like Fowler can't come up with the money...

    I think Guruzen explained my thoughts exactly. Why oh why can't Taylor just outbid everybody? We are so close yet so far away to having a good owner.
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    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: Looks like Fowler can't come up with the money...

    Aw jeez! What a fricken fiasco this has been! Why would Fowler even think he can be the general partner? Did he think he would find the $142.5 million in between the cushions of his couch?

    Now we got Zygmunt Wilf as the prospective general parnter! I wish the craziness would just end.

    Here's another link of Wilfster!

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    Re: Looks like Fowler can't come up with the money...

    I think Wilf will be a good owner and from talk on KFAN is that he approached Taylor a couple months ago about joining the group but at the time Taylor said he had his own investment group. Speculation is that now Wilf is getting as excited about running the team as he is about the real estate investment.
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    Re: Looks like Fowler can't come up with the money...

    i want wilf to get the team, that guy makes red look like a street bum. i do want taylor involved though that would be a good thing. this wilf guy don't play around and he will get something taken care of and he will get the stadium where he wants it and not where pawlenty wants it. plus like the article said the land in blaine is owned by 20 people and that will cost tons of money.
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