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    Looking for someone that loves the draft.

    "ted nugent called. he wants his shirt back."-george clooney, ocean s eleven

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    Looking for someone that loves the draft.

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    Looking for someone that loves the draft.

    Hello, my name is Andrew and I'm an owner and director of On the Clock Draft ( We’re an NFL draft website about to start our second year. We are looking to add a new section this year; we want to have a sports writer from each city write regularly on his city’s team. We're looking for the writer to report on team needs, free agent signings, draft rumors, trades, contracts, and even a post draft report. We would like to have at least one article a week, but of course this will depend on how much activity the team is doing. These stories should consist of facts about the players past, how he should affect his new team, and the writer's personal opinion. Pictures, links to videos and newspaper articles; quotes; or interviews (Doesn’t have to be a star player, interviews are good for anyone) would also make great content. All writers will be given an email address with the domain. We averaged between 2,500 and 3,000 hits per day last season, and we started in January of '03, so you can be assured of great exposure. We also have a professional design team working on a new webpage design. Any writers interested or anyone with any questions should contact me at [email protected] .

    If you know of any one who might be interested in helping me out, please do me a favor and make sure that they read this.

    On the Clock Draft

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