We will ahve to see what happens anyway! We can only see what will ahppen. We can pray that our man will answer our prayers and do what chilly did to Marcus robinson last year on Christmas eve and fire chilly. I felt so bad for marcus. he worked hard for us, at least i felt he did, and aparently chilly had a beef with him and fireed him on that eve. i guess I dont wish him to be fired I just wish he would leave the playcalling to Bevell. If he did it would work better. He jsut cant call plays on the fly. He cannot adjust quick. again He really does have great offensive scheme. Noone seen that onsides kick comin last night not even me. It was a thing of beauty. Farwell better get a huge contract this year! He has gotten his work in for sure. That boy needs to get a fatter paycheck.

that is just kick azz