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    Looking Back at the Vikings' 2008 Acquisitions

    [size=13pt]Looking Back at the Vikings' 2008 Acquisitions[/size]

    by Gonzo on Jan 16, 2009 7:37 PM CST

    The Beloved Purple made many, many splashes over the course of the 2008 off-season.
    Some of those acquisitions made some pretty big splashes in the regular season for the Vikings as well.

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    Re: Looking Back at the Vikings' 2008 Acquisitions

    He always has a interesting take on things......Thanks for the read my friend.....

    I was puzzled by the signing of Maurice Hicks when it happened.
    I was puzzled by it when the season started.
    I was more puzzled when I saw him actually return kicks.
    For a guy that was brought in almost exclusively to be a kick returner, the guy had an amazing propensity for taking the kickoff, going straight ahead, and running into a wall of defenders.
    No real moves, no great returns. .
    Seems to me all of our returners just run up the middle.
    Seems to be a thing the Coach stresses instead of what a returner would/will do.
    Very seldom did I see any of our returners make thier first cut until after they had ran towards the middle.

    Ohhhh, well, seems our ST's coach is gonna be back next year.
    At least Heath will fix it.

    As to players and thier contributions.
    Seems to me that it takes a player (vet) at least 2 years to get "it" in the schemes we run.
    Can you imagine what BB, M-will and JA will be doing next year?

    Rooks, on the other hand, seem to take 2 or 3 years to really start to shine (Griff/Chad).
    Can you imagine what some of those cats are gonna be like next year?

    The future is bright my friends.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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