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    Re: Looking back: Viking's 2006 Draft

    "UffDaVikes" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    Great idea for a thread.

    Poor Cook.
    Still getting hacked on.
    Anyone notice how he came if for Hutch in the Rams game on short down and distance when we needed to push and Hutch's back injury wouldn't allow it?

    Didn't think so.

    Anyway, will he be a Pro-bowl OLmen?
    Probably not, but he is arguably one hell of a backup.

    As for TJ..........I've put this in several posts, but think it applies here again........

    [s]QB 1
    Matt Leinart SR 6-5/217/- USC Santa Ana, CA[/s]
    [s]QB 2
    Vince Young JR 6-5/233/- Texas Houston, TX[/s]
    [s]QB 3
    Jay Cutler SR 6-4/225/- Vanderbilt Lincoln City, IN[/s]
    QB 4
    Brodie Croyle SR 6-2.5/206/- Alabama Rainbow City, AL
    QB 5
    Charlie Whitehurst SR 6-4/215/4.75 Clemson Alpharetta, GA
    [s]QB 6
    Kellen Clemens SR 6-2/218/- Oregon Burns, OR[/s]
    QB 7
    Omar Jacobs JR 6-4/210/- Bowling Green Delray Beach, FL
    QB 8
    Ingle Martin SR 6-3/219/- Furman Nashville, TN
    QB 9
    Darrell Hackney SR 6-1/230/- UAB Atlanta, GA
    QB 10
    Reggie McNeal SR 6-2/206/- Texas A&M Lufkin, TX
    QB 11
    Bruce Gradkowski SR 6-2/210/- Toledo Pittsburgh, PA
    QB 12
    D.J. Shockley SR 6-1/206/- Georgia College Park, GA
    QB 13
    Brett Basanez SR 6-2/210/- Northwestern Arlington Hts, IL
    QB 14
    Erik Meyer SR 6-2/210/- Eastern Washington La Mirada, CA
    QB 15
    Paul Pinegar SR 6-4/220/- Fresno State Woodland, CA
    QB 16
    Travaris Jackson SR -/-/- Alabama State

    Other than Cutler, and I know at least one cat on here doesn't like him (Z), I think we got the best of the lot in that draft.

    Taking alook at how each of them that went ahead of him has played, was 2 third round choices really that expensive considering what was available?

    Again, great thread.

    The shiniest turd in the stool is still a turd
    I hear ya, but when you need a turd, its best to pick the shiniest one now isn't it.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Looking back: Viking's 2006 Draft

    "ThorSPL" wrote:
    "kevoncox" wrote:
    I think this was a poor draft. I loved the Greenway pick from the start. Thought the guy was an old school kinda linebacker and the position we got him in was great. Everything else was a reach. If i'm correct we then replaced the key person in charge of drafting(forgot the title) and we have improved since then.

    1) I don't think Cook is a poor player. I think he is an Average tackle(not something you want out of a 2nd round pick). He may have turned out to be an incredible C. However, this is a grade of the draft pick not the player. I have always felt that a 2nd round pick should project to be a starter and an eventual pro bowler.

    2) TJ - I have grown to love this guy. I don't hate him the player but I hate the draft pick( 2 #2s?) Why not take the 18th + a 2nd and trade up to snag Cutler?
    2nd rounders can't all project to be pro bowlers.... the pure math on it all just doesn't work!

    I tend to agree that they should project as a starter in a year, though.
    I think 1st rounders you can probably gauge out as expecting a pro-bowl...
    but we have plenty of busts as well, obviously.

    As for TJ - we gave up 2 3rds not 2 2nds for him.
    Could we have packaged them +18th for Cutler?
    Perhaps.... not likely
    I broke it down on here one time but believe they could have gotten Cutler as well as Cook and Griff if they would have packaged thier picks and moved up.

    Cook and Griff would probably have been available (Griff 3rd)(Cook 4th) in the later rounds.
    What we wouldn't have gotten would have been Greenway.

    In a typical scenario we would probably had to give up our 17th, 83rd, and 95th to get up to the 11th spot (1250).
















    That would have left us looking like this.







    Cook (Best LB avail)


    Blue (Best LB avail)

    Long story short, we worked out 3 QBs going into that draft.
    Cutler, Clemens and TJ.
    When Foley gaffed on the first two that only left one option.

    The shiniest of turds.....(as my good friend said).
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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