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I have never once blamed the coverage guys. They have got out of their lanes a bit, all of them do it, but my ass pain has been watching that cat kick them short and low with no hang time.
Riiiight... as with anyone else you don't like, you don't blame the problem, you find excuses to blame the player.

Favre throws a bad pass, obviously Favre's fault, couldn't be that the WR's suck or OL sucks
OL decides not to block -> Favre's fault for not recognizing that at the line
WR's can't get open -> Favre's fault
We let up long returns, missed tackles and big holes on kickoffs -> Longwell's fault
Our secondary can't cover a blind mute deaf parapalegic -> It's the DT's fault
Our secondary lets up a short slant for a TD. -> It's ol' Leslie's fault for not mixing up blitz packages
Ponder gets sacked -> It's 'Musgrove's fault, not the OL or Ponder

The excuses never stop with you.
Post of the year.