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Thread: LOL @ Smoot.

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    LOL @ Smoot.

    Man, smoot just cracks me up.

    Drastic measures

    Cornerback Fred Smoot said the bruised right knee that caused his preseason debut to be postponed until Friday's victory felt fine afterward.

    Smoot, in fact, felt so good that he argued with Tice about coming out of the game in the first half until the coach took his helmet away on the sideline. That proved to be a good move by Tice.

    "I've been known to go back out on the field when I'm not supposed to," Smoot said. "I just enjoy myself out there."

    This guy could suck big time at football for all I care, and I still would put him on the team for comedy relief.

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    Re: LOL @ Smoot.

    That's funny stuff, man.

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    Re: LOL @ Smoot.

    the good thing is that he doesn't suck in fact he is one of the best corners in the league

    Go vikes!!

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    Re: LOL @ Smoot.

    Smoot will dominate this year. He has such heart for the game. I can't wait to see our D in the regular season. Smoot will be in the Pro Bowl if he does half as good as he is in Madden for me.

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    Re: LOL @ Smoot.

    man i love that from smoot. thats funny what they did to keep him out.

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    Re: LOL @ Smoot.

    Hes somethin you dont see alot of anymore. He has the will and drive for football. I love that. I love guys who "play the game." and even more then that...I love guys who Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk. and fred smoot is every single meaning of that term. Good to have him here!

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    Re: LOL @ Smoot.


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    Re: LOL @ Smoot.

    Smoot Doggy Dogg

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    Re: LOL @ Smoot.

    Lol, that sounds like something Smoot would do...

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    Re: LOL @ Smoot.

    i'm suprised he didn't borrow someones helmet to get back in there!!

    it would have been great to see him in there with a gary anderson style face mask! :lol:

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