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    LOL. I feel better.

    Saw a really funny-a** rant by some clown named Holmstrom, or something like that. Reminded me of this kid on youtube, sorry, no link, I'm technically challenged. Anyway, this kid freaks the f*ck out when his mom cancels his world of warcraft account. His brother catches it all on tape. There is a series of recordings. It's called "Greatest freakout ever" or something like that. I laughed for an hour today after watching that. Really cheered me up, and that doucher Holmstrom brought it back. Laughed again. Yah, the loss sucked. Bad. But there are worse things out here in the real world. Most of you know that's so true. A buddy of mine is pcs'ing (moving) to a unit in Germany when his tour is up here. His wife is back in the states, and he hasn't seen here ,really, for about a year. Well, his next unit is fixin' to deploy to afghanistan right after he gets there. OUCH! See, things could be worse. Depending on which unit I go to at Ft. Bliss in May, I could be biting that same bullet. HAHAHA. It was a great year for our team. Didn't see alot of it, but still, I'll always have the Cowboy's BEATDOWN!!LOL. SKOL VIKINGS!! I Love this SITE!! Alot of good friends here!!!!!
    Tuco the world.....

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    Re:LOL. I feel better.

    I feel for anyone who has to go to Germany.
    "You can look pretty smart if you have a knack for planning ahead. That's Ted. The Packers are in good hands." - Ron Wolf

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