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    Re: Logic Behind Starting T.Jack over Bollinger

    "Frostbite" wrote:
    Still scratching my head over this one folks. Granted we could use a win here against the Chargers Sunday but why risk him? Even if he can take snaps, make handoffs and possibly throw the ball all of those tasks will be difficult with an index finger less than 100 percent. Why not give him a chance to heal up fully and give Brooks a shot? He filled in and played well last week. I think he surprised some of us.

    I am sure T.Jack was evaluated all week in practice and they feel he can go...but I am not sure how accurate he will be on throws....and how much banging around that hand/finger can take.

    Am I missing something in this logic other than pushing T.Jack back to install the feeling that he's still the number one guy for the team? Is there more to it than that??

    I am worried that if he plays and has a poor showing it will set him back even further in his mind set. Or worse case scenario he gets it re-injured and is out potentially the rest of the season??

    Am I being paranoid?? Over protective??

    I'd like to read what you other fans think

    from what i understand the injury can't get worse, and obviously he has proved enough in practice that he can do all the things that are expected of him.
    to tell you the truth i think he could have played last week but i think childress was playing games cuz i think he started to second guess himself about going with tjack to start the year.
    i mean he broke his finger 2 weeks ago.
    as far as i know bones don't heal in 2 weeks, but now he's healthy enough.
    it's a crock.
    but now that it looks like we probably aren't gonna make the playoffs let the kid play, and imean play.
    don't be handcuffing him and having dump balls to tight ends and rbs.
    what can we possibly learn about this guy if we are handing the ball off on 3rd and 13, or taking 3 step drops and and throwing to his first read?
    if he has another 6 games like the detroit game we know what we got, if they have him run the same offense that settles for punts instead of going for 1st downs then we'll be asking all the same questions going into next year.

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    Re: Logic Behind Starting T.Jack over Bollinger

    I agree, as much as I doubt T-Jack and for the most part how the Vikings are run, I don't see any reason at this point not to let T-Jack take some risks and get more passes a game to see if he can actually start showing up.
    What do we have to lose, a worse draft pick?
    But now that i'm actually half convinced T-Jack should actually be starting at this point Childress will find a way to start anybody else.

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    Re: Logic Behind Starting T.Jack over Bollinger

    "kramer9guy" wrote:
    How about this...we have never lost with Bollinger as our starter. "T-Jack" sample is large enough at this point thank you.

    Win now.

    Win later.

    It can be done.
    The guy completes 7 passes against a team that hasn't gameplanned against him and suddenly people are talking like he'll win us something.
    Please, it's the same Bollinger that lost in New YOrk and the same one that WAS lost in the preseason and last year.

    Bollinger offers us the same thing Tarvaris does, little to no passing game.
    The only difference is Bollinger has shown it his whole career.
    Give Tarvaris the season to improve.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Re: Logic Behind Starting T.Jack over Bollinger

    "kramer9guy" wrote:
    How about this...we have never lost with Bollinger as our starter. "T-Jack" sample is large enough at this point thank you.

    Win now.

    Win later.

    It can be done.
    That does not make much sense. We never lost with JT O'Sullivan as a starter either, guess we should have kept him around. Bollinger does not start because he is not NFL starter material. It was proven in New York.
    In 2005 as starter of the New York Jets he was 2-7. Those are his only 9 starts in the NFL.
    In four games with the Vikings he is 23-32 for 266 yards, O TDS and an INT. Not very good numbers with us ... and terrible numbers in New York. With a career rating of 74.1 I don't think he offers ANY chance of winning now.
    T-Jack has a career record of 2-4 as a starter ... and is 2-2 this season. Talk about his "sample size" all you want, but his sample size is not as large as Bollinger's failure as an NFL starter.
    I'm not a huge T-Jack fan ... and become less of one every errant pass, but I know that Brooks offers us no future ... and we have to see what kind of moxy Jackson has the rest of this season so we know whether or not it is time to move in a different direction in the offseason.

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    Re: Logic Behind Starting T.Jack over Bollinger

    I actually think the finger may improve TJack's accuracy.
    He will be so focused when he releases the ball that it will be nearly impossible for him to overthrow wide open recievers. 8)
    Rock out with your cock out!!!

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    Re: Logic Behind Starting T.Jack over Bollinger

    Bollinger created some excitement for us last week, but TJack is the starter and if he is able to play, he should.
    Like several posts on here, we really don't know what we have in TJack and he needs to play as much as possible so we can find out.

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    Re: Logic Behind Starting T.Jack over Bollinger

    Even with Bollinger we don't have a bigger chance of winning so why don't let TJ play?
    When TJ can play, let him play
    Rosie O'Donnell is a dude!

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    Re: Logic Behind Starting T.Jack over Bollinger

    With the fronts defenses have been throwing at us, 8-9 in the box, heavy blitzing, we need someone who can make plays with their feet. Brooks has good pocket presence, but really isn't the threat Tarvaris is. If Tarvaris can throw a spiral, and not some wobbly off target pass remains to be seen. Apparently in practice he has thrown well enough. If T-Jack is to be our QB of the future, the time is now for him to play. I hope he proves himself to be a fighter, and play like we expect him to.

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    Re: Logic Behind Starting T.Jack over Bollinger

    While I agree that TJ should start, I think some of you are too harsh on Bollinger. Bollinger is a good backup. Not a starter. Whenever he has stepped in as a backup he has moved the offense instead of sucking it up. You can't blame him for Mckinnie and Cook not being able to pass-block or false starting on key 3rd down situations.

    Holcomb has a greater "sample size" of a losing record and we were fine starting him instead of Bollinger, despite Holcomb working with the offense for just a few weeks. Chilli threw away three games right there just because Bollinger was in the dog-house for the fumble against Detroit. I'm not saying that Bollinger would have won all three, but we would have had a much better chance of winning some of those considering how close they were.
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    Re: Logic Behind Starting T.Jack over Bollinger

    Wow, I'm impressed. Some very good stuff in here.

    Start him, see what he learned from facing a 3-4 D at Dallas.
    That coupled with what our OL learned from that experience should be a good indicator on alot of things being discussed on here.

    Maybe the kid(s) learned something they can use this week.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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