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    Local Columnists Weigh In (Moss, long read)

    Sid Hartman talks about Moss:

    Randy Moss is not getting any help from NFL officials.

    Replays of last week's game against Detroit showed that on at least two occasions the Vikings wide receiver was interfered with, but no penalty was called. One time a flag was thrown but picked up without a call.

    And Moss was also fined $5,000 for spiking the ball.

    It's perhaps a coincidence that the field judge Sunday was Jim Saracino, the official Moss squirted with a water bottle in St. Louis in a January 2000 playoff game. Moss was fined $25,000 for that incident.

    Since then, it seems like Moss is on the officials' hit list.

    Moss has been fined more than $100,000 in his six NFL seasons.

    Gus Frerotte, a Vikings backup quarterback in his 10th year in the NFL, said he doesn't believe Moss gets a fair shake.

    "He makes a lot of big plays and I think that they just have something against him," Frerotte said. "He gets calls against him, but few for him.

    "In the game with the Lions he got thrown down one time and another time clearly a Lion [Brian Walker] bumped into him and made the interception in the end zone."

    Frerotte wonders if officials hold Moss' reputation against him.

    "He is not a bad character," Frerotte said. "He's a team player, he loves playing the game, and he wants to win. That is all you can ask for. When you have to play against the other team and the officials, it's a pretty tough battle."

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    Local Columnists Weigh In (Moss, long read)


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