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Yup, they play us inspired eveytime, plus dirty!
I remember the low blow on Jared Allen and just cringe.
I hope not to see such crap this week, but with an aging QB, it might be in their game plan to knock him out


Yup they will be blitzing

Favre was under pressure all day.. And sacked 5 times.. Alot of times with the front 4

If that continues we won't see them start taking people outta the box
Sacked 4 times, not 5.
And 0 interceptions trying to force something to avoid the sack.


Right 4.. And constant pressure

Just saying if we don't fix this.. Against the Browns who had like 17 sacks ALL last season.. We could get into some trouble

If we can't keep Brett up we will continue to complete one pass over 10 yards to a WR against teams like the Browns

Lions always play us good and will be coming after Brett.. They seem to kind of have AP's number as well

Amybe in forcing fumbles but AP has over 100 yards all 4 games he's faced them.
103, 116, 111 & 105.
They were dead last in the NFL last year in rush defense, allowing 172 yards a game, and a league high 32 rushing TDs. It's suprising to me that Peterson hasn't had any breakout games against them, and only 2 TD in 4 games, and both those TD came in a blowout. No TD against the lions last year.

Then he is due.

He will have over 200 yards rushing and 4 td's tomorrow.