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Thread: a little scary

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    a little scary

    Why is it that last week I had no worries...we were going to stomp on the browns.
    Now this week, I have a sliver of doubt...It's the lions
    They are now
    1-24 in there last 25 games, there last win was week 16 of the 07 season against the Chiefs.
    Do I have even a little reason to be nervious?
    Are the Lions due?
    "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of
    arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to
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    thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO - What a Ri

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    Re: a little scary

    Lions always play us tough man

    It's a road game

    We can always come out flat

    If we get to Stafford quick they won't stand a chance tho

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    Re: a little scary

    NEVER take any divisional opponent lightly.
    Last year was too close...both games.
    I expect them to play us tough, but hopefully their spirits are crushed after last week and they'll let us take advantage of them.

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    Re: a little scary

    Favre seems to always have the Lions number. I am not worried. I think we match up well here. Run it down there throats and let Favre kill them with the short TE passes. This should be bad news for the Lions. I really see a blow out coming. Brees knew how to spread the ball out. So does Favre. The Lions were confused as fuck on defense. They didn't know who to focus on. Not to mention Mike Bell ran all over them.
    This could get ugly. The Lions had 33 rushing yards!
    Double Johnson and we are fine.

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    Re: a little scary

    Second verse, same as the first.

    Personally, I don't think there is intelligent life on other planets. Why should other planets be any different from this one?

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    Re: a little scary

    Not worried about this team.
    We are just too talented and this rookie QB is going to be rocked by the defense.
    They also don't have a OT that can shut down Jared Allen.
    Kevin Williams always plays them good and the run game will be mediocre at best.
    They are going to get owned.
    I'm predicting a blowout.


    Kevin Williams, our big Defensive playmaker is going to get a TD.

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    Re: a little scary

    Last week I was worried about Braylon Edwards(almost burned us for 6pts). This week I am even more worried about Calvin Johnson. I really think Calvin Johnson is probably the best WR in all of football, but plays on the worst team. I think he is capable of making multiple big plays to keep the Lions in it.
    No such thing as an easy win in the NFL, but this is as close as it gets.

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    Re: a little scary

    "--KG--" wrote:
    Are the Lions due?
    The Lions are DOO!
    A big steamy pile of DOO!

    Vikes running attack will kill them and keep Calvin off the field.
    Our run defense will stuff them....then pin their ears back and rock the rook!

    Yes, its a division game....yes, they have a tradition of playing us tough, yes its an away game.....but I dont see this game being close at all.
    Lets go with 35-6.
    (35-13 with a punt return thrown into the mix)
    I'd much rather see the Packers miss the playoffs because of their talent then because of their injuries.

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    Re: a little scary

    "--KG--" wrote:
    Why is it that last week I had no worries...we were going to stomp on the browns.
    Now this week, I have a sliver of doubt...It's the lions
    I'm pretty sure it's because you stopped distracting yourself with non-football related posts.
    Just a thought.

    The Vikes shouldn't have a problem with the Lions if they win the turnover battle and don't allow any special teams TDs.
    Even if they fail in those areas, they should still be in it.

    It's the NFL though, so who really knows?
    When the age of the Vikings came to a close, they must have sensed it. Probably, they gathered together one evening, slapped each other on the back and said, "Hey, good job." - Jack Handey [Deep Thoughts]

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    Re: a little scary

    It would be really nice to see us come out and handle the Lions instead of letting a lowly team stick around to long and potentially win. Last year we struggled with them but this is a new team, but I do expect them to play us tuff, they played their best football last year against us, inspired football.

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