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Thread: A little mad

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    Re: A little mad

    "gregair13" wrote:
    TV has never liked the vikings. so thats why we must savour the wins even more just to stick it to those idiots who do not pick us to win stuff.
    I always thought I was biased as I am a Vikings fan and screamed that the announcers, pundits, whoever hated us for some reason.
    I though I was unreasonable until Sunday, when my wife, who didn;t know a thing about football until we met, was watching some of the pre0game shows with me.
    All of a sudden she goes "why does everyone hate the Vikings so much?"
    I replied, "it's always been that way, no respect."
    She then said "aren't we in first place?"

    We have never got any respect.
    Everytime we win, it is because the other team screwed up.
    Not because we played well, but because the other team played poorly.

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    Re: A little mad

    "superman28" wrote:
    Ok, so i am up obviously watching all these sports shows recaping the week ..... and when the day started i didnt watch any of the shows had to go to the game ..... but now im watching the shows ..... and im a little .... no wait reallyyy mad ..... no respect to the VIKINGS i know we didnt beat the greatest team in the league but we got treated the same way last week after we beat the bears ..... everyone still thinks that the bears are going to win NFCN ..... we got a good team, yes there is some things that we are still working on ..... but come on .....
    Good, i like being the under dog. keeps the players playing

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