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    I just want to remind everyone that Ponder is a Rookie, this is only his seventh game, he had no off season, his o-line is shit, AD is on the pine, he is banged up, he has few weapons to throw to... To say that he needs to get better is ridiculous. He is a rookie, he will make mistakes.

    Drew Brees...second season: 16 games, 17 Td, 16 int, passer rating 76.9
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    Qb play is not the problem. Our OTs blow.. How many times did we see the lionss getting a rush around either end. Good do.. Then some of us try to blame Ponder. His first attempt was a fumble because we didnt block them. he made some really nice throws today. Joe webb is not the answer at qb. Our Oline and back 7 need some work that should be our draft.. pick up a free agent wr.

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    Hell of a game .... we came back nicely .... last call sucked .... still a Vikings fan.

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    Our team is definitely in transition, I feel we're not executing offensively, but its hard to point fingers considering how many holes we have. Ponder played very poorly and didn't looked like a scared baby inside that pocket. Could it have been his hip pointer that was bugging him? He certainly didn't run nor try to elude the pass rush a lot. A shitty oline + a nonmobile QB= Sack Galore. We need new tackles, I'm done with defending loadholt, not athletic enough to keep up with ends. We need 2 solid tackles asap.

    My thoughts on the last couple games? Maybe get some younger guys a little more playing time and analyze who we shall keep and who's off our leash. I really hope Chris Cook patches things up with our organization, he's an exceptional player and fills one void at cornerback. Time to look at 2012 mock drafts.

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    I hate see a game potentially changed by a non-call like that, but I'm not going to be the guy who bitches about it for months (See Packers fans after the Cardinals playoff game).

    He fumbled, we lost, there was so many other factors that contributed to our losing, that was just icing on the cake.

    Tought to not have just a "F it all" attitude after that one, but I'l do my best

    QB: C- Redeemed by Webb, Ponder was straight up awful. Dude didn't have alot to work with, but you have to protect that ball better than that. Aside from his picks, he had another 4 or so bounce off the hands of defenders. That was probably one of his worst games yet. Need to see better from him moving forward

    RB: B Gerhart was solid. Some nice strong runs from him, great up-down running today. What I don't like to see is him dancing in the backfield. He's not that kind of guy. Lower the shoulder and pick up 3. Booker was bad. He could take some carrying lessons from AP (Did I just say that?) Harvin in beast mode again. Every time this guy touches the ball he seems to make something happen out there.

    OL: Ungraded. I'm not even going to waste my breath (internet breath?) anymore talking about them. Until they show me something worth praising, we don't have a line anymore.

    TE: B- Saw them in blocking quite a bit fairly well. Tought to have good numbers though when half of the passes are going to the defense.

    WR: C With the exception of Harvin and some nice Aromashodu grabs, this was straight up terrible. Poor routes, drops, miscommunication. HAS to improve.

    DL: A Stopped the run, pressured the QB and racked up 5 sacks. Allen had a huge game, KW played pretty well. They held up their end of the bargain.

    LB: B solid performance. Couple of miscues, but otherwise supported the run well, didn't really get caught too bad against the pass most of the time.

    DB: C- Griffin should not be playing anymore, it's that simple. Sanford needs to settle down and play some ball, We saw nice things from him before, but that seems to be gone. Held them to relatively few yards, but that's because they were winning the entire game, they didn't need to pass alot.

    P: A Punted quite well as usual. That one by the goal line was a fantastic punt, just couldn't keep it in.

    K: C Bleh. some ok kickoffs, some not so ok kickoffs.

    Coverage: C barf.

    Coaching: B Actually I thought this was pretty well done. Fraizer/Musgrave can't do alot when it comes to Ponders picks and the fumbles, but the playcalling was pretty good, they never lost their drive and almost won at the end. Can't ask for too much more. Execution is what cost us that game, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by i_bleed_purple View Post
    I hate see a game potentially changed by a non-call like that, but I'm not going to be the guy who bitches about it for months (See Packers fans after the Cardinals playoff game).
    A good assessment there IBP. Ponder didn't have one of his better games but I'm still happy with him and his progress so far. When he has a little more time and confidence to stay in the pocket then his passing is good. His biggest problem is almost trying too hard and trying to do too much to take the team forward. Personally I'm of the opinion that he is losing confidence in the headless chickens in front of him masquarading as an OL. This is something that has to be a major priority in the off season else any QB lining up behind them is going to get hammered every play of a game.
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    to say we need immediate help in the 2012 draft is definitely the understatement of the year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marshallvike View Post
    Ponder is a rookie, and he is hurt. No sense throwing in the towel already. He will be a good QB for us for a long time. He just had a bad game.
    AMEN! Everyone's jumping the gun, just because he had one bad game.

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    Not me, shockzilla! We all have to remember that Ponder is a rookie QB, and is just learning how to be a good NFL quarterback. As rookie QB's go, he will have some good days (like his 381-yard performance, 91 QB rating) last week, and some bad days (like yesterday, 61 QB rating, benched in the third quarter). In my opinion, Ponder is our number 1 quarterback, and it's not even close!

    That being said, Joe Webb needs to be on the field more often - period! His speed and athleticism makes him a true playmaker. We need our playmakers on that field, as we do with Percy Harvin. The last 3 weeks of the season should allow us to try different things, to see if any of them could work for the future.

    The missed facemask call was highly disappointing in my opinion, but referees are human beings, and human beings (Tebow included!) make mistakes. That's why the Vikings need to take better care of the football and FORCE, not make, turnovers. A -6 turnover margin in a football game is unacceptable and downright embarrassing! The Vikings need to learn from this - this loss has to hurt really badly!

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    Now that I've had some time to cool off. Yeah I get that Ponder is a rookie, but he's throwing more and more balls right to the defenders. As much as I hated Tjoke, I don't even remember him throwing as many easy pick nor as often. And like IBP mentioned there were another 3 or 4 picks that were dropped. And we're not talking about tipped balls or defenders making great plays, most of these were right between the numbers. I've convinced myself that maybe it's because he's just getting more and more confident and thus taking more risks. I think he should keep starting, but I hope the benching wakes him up and brings him back down to earth. He doesn't have the cannon he thinks he does so he needs to be smarter about where he puts the ball.

    Webb is exciting to watch and almost pulled off an amazing comeback, but man does he suck when it comes to passing. I've never seen such ugly throws in all my life. Almost all his passes reminded me of what you see when a RB or WR tries to throw, it just doesn't look right and most were way off target. We need to find a new role for this guy and get the ball in his hands more often because he makes things happen.

    I wasn't sold on Gerhart and thought he should be moved to FB, but he's had 2 solid games in a row now. If he hits the hole at speed he's getting 5+ every time, but if he stutter steps or hesitates at the line he's toast. I thought maybe Booker should've replaced AP, but not anymore lol. Good grief 2 fumbles on his first 2 carries and we had the balls to give it to him a 3rd time later?

    I thought the Lions got a bit conservative once they got the big lead, (which seems to be a common sickness around the NFL these days) and that allowed us to crawl back into the game. It gave our secondary a break and made them look better than they really are. Sherels made some nice 1 on 1 open field tackles, but it's driving me crazy that nobody in our secondary can make a play on the ball when it's in the air. Sanford nearly had a nice hustle play on the TD, but if he would hustle a bit more before the ball is thrown maybe he wouldn't always be seen chasing receivers toward the endzone.

    The coaching seemed better, other than it almost looked like we didn't prepare for this game at all, but the end of half "quitter mode" is starting to piss me off. You're 2-10, getting killed, and you're near mid field ... so why not throw up a hail mary? It's the type of thing that can turn a team around. Yeah you only have a 1% chance, but guess what? Taking a knee is a 0% chance. We lost by 6 and left an extra play out on the field.

    And I'm still pissed off at the officiating and can't wait until the league sends us their token apology for screwing us out of a possible win again. They call ticky tack shit all the time but then they go and miss a neck twisting game deciding facemask? It's ridiculous! I don't believe they missed it at all, they just chose not to call it. It's ok though because I'm sure the Vikings would've tried their same old failed try to run TG up the middle and get stuffed play on the next play anyway.

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