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    Lions Fan Sells His Loyalty On eBay!

    Very Funny!

    I've been a loyal Detroit Lion's fan for more than twenty years but after Thursday's loss, I can't take it any more.

    I'm selling my services as a National Footbal League fan to the highest bidder.


    The winning bidder will get to pick my new favorite NFL team. I will root loudly and enthusiastically for my new team for the remainder of the 2005-2006 season and the entire 2006-2007 season.

    This auction ain't no oddly shaped, pseudo-holy food item: This is 100% testosterone filled National Football League Fan that will be a fanatic for YOUR TEAM.

    I'll watch televised games

    I will discuss my new team at the water cooler after every win or terrible loss.

    If I ever play fantasy football, I'll draft players from my new favorite NFL team first.

    If the final bid is $5.00 or more, I'll put a bumper sticker of my new NFL favorite team on my car (a Pontiac Vibe, not a FORD) and send the winning bidder a picture to prove it.

    If the bid exceeds $25.00, I'll make my own t-shirt for my new favorite team and wear it on game days.

    If the bid exceeds $75.00, I'll buy a jersey and wear it on game day (instead of the t-shirt ).

    If my new team makes it to the super bowl I am committed to wearing a foam-number-one-finger for the duration of the game.

    * If 'the general manager of the Lions(MM)' pays me $2,500 cash, I will end this auction early and remain a Lions fan. It could be his first guaranteed win of the season.

    ** Mininum bid of $2,499 required for those wanting me to be a fan for the Browns, Ravens, Cardinals or Packers. Those are the teams the Lions managed to beat this year.

    Auction ended at $286! lol
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    Re: Lions Fan Sells His Loyalty On eBay!

    Easy money


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    Re: Lions Fan Sells His Loyalty On eBay!

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