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    Lions fan back again!

    Hey everybody in Minny. I hope all is well with everyone and I wanted to drop back in and say hello. It is time again for the Vikings to play my Detroit Lions.

    Wow...what a difference a few weeks makes. The Lions were flying how and now they are just 2-5 over their last 7. Home losses against 3 good teams (Green Bay, SF and Atlanta) and then a beat by New Orleans has us reeling.

    The biggest talk in Detroit right now is Ndamukong and the stomp and the crash and anything else he might be doing. Also, everyone is up in arms with Schwartz and his accountability/discipline with this team.

    Anyways, welcome to Detroit this week. I wrote on our fan forum that the Lions are ripe to rip a team and with us to play for something and you guys struggling to get a foothold, I see us running away in this one.

    Take care and any info you can provide, etc. about the Vikes would be great!

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    I see our team as a team which has found a way to lose this year. This is the mentality the Lions have had oevr the past 10-15 years. You're better at losing than we are; this is the ONLY reason I'm not convinced you win.

    That being said, I don't CARE if we lost because we need a good draft pick to protect Ponder OR serve as a safety valve for him (Blackmon) for 10 years..

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    I think this will be a close game. We are playing better even though we are still losing. You are playing worse and you are losing. I suppose the difference is you still have something to play for, and for us the season is over. The odds makers have you an 8 point favorite. I think it will be closer than that.


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    I see them throwing to Megatron all day. We can't defend average receivers what chance against a player like that?

    No Peterson and a banged up Harvin

    I see at least an 8 point gap
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    Lol their high scoring offense vs our secondary? Although in their last 7 weeks the Lions have either gone over 40 or have been held under 20, talk about a schizo offense. I think they're back over 40 this week. Corky should have no problem what so ever picking our DB's apart.


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