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    i wonder why the front office hasn't gone after gildon or trotter since that looks to be the trouble area

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    Re: linebackers

    "willbjammin" wrote:
    i wonder why the front office hasn't gone after gildon or trotter since that looks to be the trouble area

    Both Gildon and trotter will want a good ammount of money, and we don't want to pay that much for a LB that isn't gonna start unless a guy gets injured. We want EJ and dontarrious to start this year, so they wouldn't start unless either of them got hurt. Claiborne's backup is set with keith newman.

    Also I think the coaches are happily suprised by the mini camps of dontarrious, nattiel , and rod davis. these 3 young guys have looked well and made it easier to not throw money at a vet like gildon or trotter. If we did sign either of them, they would need to start, and I don't want to have EJ and/or dontarrious sitting on the bench. We would basically be going through the same thing we did last year, with our faster and more athletic LB's on the bench.

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    Good points made muchluv, but do we know if gildon or trotter absolutely wouldn't be backups? I guess if the price is right and not too high, and they wouldn't mind being backups we should just go ahead and sign one of them. I guess that's just wishful thinking, but it would be nice to have a proven backer in the core!

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    I don't think Gildon "fits in" with our system. He has always been a 3-4 LB, his primary role is as a pass rusher. Pittsburgh believes he has lost a step, and his production sack-wise has declined the past two seasons. He's not known as a great LB outside of his pass-rushing ability. Meanwhile, the Vikings roster is full of young, fast LBs and they will run a 4-3. At his age, and likely salary demands, Gildon isn't what the Vikings need.

    Apparently Trotter's health issues (and possible salary expectations) are keeping interest in him around the league to zero. I haven't heard of anybody that is even talking to Trotter or his agent. This should be telling you something.

    We've already got Keith Newman from Atlanta, who may not have put up great stats recently, but still has some legs and is experienced. From what I've seen/heard so far, expect the Vikings starting LB crew to be Claiborne, Henderson, and Thomas. Unless Henderson and Thomas make a lot of "inexperience" related mistakes, their athleticism and youth will serve the Vikings well. I'm not really worried at all at this point about a lack of depth or experience. Don't forget, the Vikings still have plenty of cap space, and other teams will be cutting some veteran players (not necessarily superstars, but people with experience) during and at the end of training camp. Be patient, and don't keep drooling over the first stiff that hits the pavement.

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