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    Well, it seems the consensus is that the remaining positions of need are DE and LB. The DE debate seems to have settled into a "To O.G., or Not To O.G." routine, but I don't see anyone bringing up possibilities a linebacker. Well, I have one suggestion that I came across today to toss around. How about Zeke Moreno (yes, he's the brother of former Bears QB Moses). He's a restricted free agent from San Diego, but he'd only cost a 5th round pick in compensation. (He was a 5th round pick in 2001). I took a look at his stats from last year (from stats page).

    Tackles: 78 Solo, 17 assisted
    Sacks: 2
    Stuffs: 6 (I don't know how ESPN defines this, but I assume it means tackles for a loss)
    Forced Fumbles: 1
    INT: 0
    Passes Defended:4

    He's listed as the Chargers middle linebacker, so he could replace Biekert if he retires, which seems likely from what I've read. His stats were better than Biekert's in all categories. In fact, Claiborne had 3 sacks, 7 passes defended, and 1 INT, but he was the only Vike LB to beat Moreno in any stat categories last year. Wait, Nattiel had 1 INT as well. Moreno did not play in the nickel or dime packages for SD last year, so he only had 12 official starts, but he played in all 16 games.

    I confess, I did not see Moreno play at all last year, so I only have the stats to go by, but it seems as though he's a good player at a cheap price. Plus, we'd take the uncertainty out of a 5th round pick, and get a player who isn't too much older than a draft pick would be. Anyone else think this looks good?

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    E.J. will be our MLB next year, I can't see us picking up another MLB unless we really do switch to 3-4.

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    EJ IS THE MAN, and he will be our starter and most likely biekert will be retiring soon

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    Sounds like a good pick up to me. if Biekert retires then the Vikes have a solid backup for E.J. Also, if they go to the 3-4, then we have two solid inside linebackes. Either way we are going to need another MLB, as a starter or as a backup, in the next couple years, why not get somebody who we know can play?

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    Providing Beikert retires, this could be a great move, we wont need to scour the football universe for a new MLB and i always say experiance over youth.


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    No more ILB's, Henderson's the man. I'm getting his jersey.............

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    well, i haven't seen him either. but if he's any good, he might fit for the 3-4 or as a back up to e.j. i wouldn't jump up and down and pitch a fit if we did get him
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