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Thread: Linebackers

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    By drafting DJ this improves our situation at guys can speculate all you want about D Thomas and EJ and Ranoll Smith who was thinking about retiring....The fact is we only have 4 linebackers on the depth chart minus R Smith cause who knows if he will play.......To me 4 linebackers is not enough for 3 positions. Bottom line is they sucked it up last year thats a fact and i dont think they were really improving that much towards the end of the year live you guys seem think....The other thing is that arguably we have the best QB in the league correct.... if you guys honestly think that he is the greatest thing since sliced bread and i think he is stick with him he can run that offense like no ones business. We are turning to a run heavy offense anyways....draft a reciever in the later rounds.......stack the D now since that was are first priority in the first place..

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    Re: Linebackers

    I say if we don't get Mike Williams or Braylon Edwards with the #7 pick, we should draft a receiver in a later round, definitely.

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    Re: Linebackers

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