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Thread: Linebackers?

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    All we got from CC was memories.

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    "Angryviking" wrote:
    Was Claiborne a FA or did we get something for him when he went to the St. Louis Rams?
    Na he was free to go (FA), after we didn't even try to re-sign him he booked it to St louy.

    I think there was something going on there, either he was some sort of cancer or he didn't get along with cotrell, IDK. All i know is there had to be some sort of reason we didn't resign him, we didn't even try to, like they didn't even care if we lost him, I know it wasn't his play on the field, maybe they were scared of his injuries, but that doesn't make sense because sharper is 29 and was injured all year last year and we gave him a high dollar long term contract. Beats Me! :scratch:

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    "JLDII" wrote:
    I've been lurking around here for awhile and decided to sign on to the board and jump in for the first time. :salute:

    IMHO, I don't think DJ will be around when we pick at #7. He is the best choice for LB's this year, and all the other decent LB prospects are underclassmen, which does't offer any more of a chance to contribute to the D this year than any of the LB's we already have.

    I'm optimistic that this last season was a good education for our young LB's and look forward to improved play from them next year.

    Without getting too far off topic here, I think we are going to end up with Williams at #7, and either of the DL Cody kids at #18, preferably Shawn from USC. At 6-4 and 292 lbs, he can play spot duty off the edge as a DE with his good speed, and on obvious passing downs, move into the tackle slot, which is where he played his college ball last year, and give P-Will a breather. P-Will is good, and I'd like to see him in there every play, but he is older, and with the question of our LB's coverage, it would be good for us to have that speed on the rush.

    I could go on, but I'll take it to the right thread!
    Welcome to the boards JLDII! :cheers:

    Good post, hopefully many more to come!
    Go Vikings!

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    "vikingstw" wrote:
    "finnishvikingsfan" wrote:
    CC didnt want to be an OLB anymore so he left which is sad I thought we had for awhile he started coming around and made big plays which helped out henderson.
    Thats the thing dude, he said he WOULD stay and play OLB for us but if it was the right price, Why not sign him to a one or two year deal, we have the money, throw in some incenitives and its all good. He did want to play MLB but was quoted saying he would stay at a price to play OLB for the Minnesota Vikings. He was willing, thats something that some fans are not aware of.

    I'm not happy he's gone, but he's not worth overpaying for either! The way he was treated in Detroit, his Dad being killed there, and rubbing it in my Detrot Lion friend's face, I was really hoping that he would have had a great career in Minnesota, but it hasn't happend. Cut him loose.

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    EJ was the only person on our team with 100+ tackles. He definately has a nose for the ball and a strong work ethic.

    DT was spazzy. Hopefully he will calm down a bit.

    I am not a fan Chris Claiborne and I'm glad he is gone.

    Don't know anything about Nap, he seems eager to proove the Vikings got the better end of the deal, he also seams like he could step up and be a leader.

    I think they are improved more then last year. The wildcard IMO is DT. I would still like to see a LB or pass rushing DE drafted.

    "DEFENSIVE ADJUSTMENTS: Although it did not get many headlines, the team made one key adjustment this offseason to help a trio of young linebackers it will rely on in 2005. Coach Mike Tice promoted Pete Bercich to full-time linebacker coach, which allows him to focus solely on LBs Napoleon Harris, E.J. Henderson and Dontarrious Thomas. All three are athletic but 25 years old or younger. Harris struggled through injuries last season with Oakland while Henderson and Thomas made many young mistakes in 2004. Barring an unforeseen development in free agency, those three will be the key players the team counts on. Bercich, a former NFL linebacker and special teams star, will focus on helping the three play with more confidence than they did in 2004. "

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    I am not sure how it will work out with E.J. and Dontarious but look at it this way. Were all of you that are concerned proficient at your job from day one. I was not but in the 11 years I have been at my job I have gotten better with every year. Football is a job to these guys and very few are great from day one. If E.J. and Dontarious and Napoleon improve on thier mistakes from last year and get better with each game then the vikes will be fine.
    I am certainly concerned but you must remember how long each of them have played and how much they have left to learn. What is the alternative??? Draft another rookie and wait for him to develop of sign an older LB for a couple years and then be right back to square 1. Give them time. Remember it was not just the LB's getting burned, if Russell and Offord would have been in the right places alot of those completions behind the LB's would have been broken up.

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    one guy to fix this DT talk and that is DJ.

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    EJ cant figure out which holes to plug..hes just too stupid out on the field..i agree that putting harris in the MLB spot is a better option, with EJ on the weak side..thank god for the upgrades at secondary, cuz when our LB's get stuck in coverage, we get burnt
    People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.

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    the LB position has me a bit worried. we not only have three young LB's ,but we don't have any depth there either. we really need some help at LB. i hope we solve this by preseason.

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