"jargomcfargo" wrote:
This is an open letter to Zigi Wilf,Brad Childress,Rick Spielman,Scott Studwell, and all the Vikings scouts.
I have been a supporter of the current Vikings plan to build a team primarily through the draft.
I am impressed with the results of the 2007 draft.Great job.
But I'm left with a huge nagging question I feel needs answered.

Last year Childress said " it all starts upfront."

But last year it appeared to , all END up front.The pass protection was atrocious.Especially on the right side of the line.

Not upgrading the right side of the offensive line marginalizes the potent offensive aquisitions you aquired in this draft.

Vikingsw fans talk about the good old days when they had Chris Carter, Randy Moss, Reed, and Culpepper.
What they rarely acknowledge is the state of the offensive line. The Vikings had the best offensive line in the league at that time.
They had to be.
Culpepper took 4 to 6 seconds to release the ball much of the time.

We now have inexperienced marginal quarterbacks. They need that protection.
Last year they were lucky to have have 3 seconds.

Receivers can't consistantly get open in 3 seconds. And quarterbacks can't make their reads and release in 3 seconds.

Brad Johnson didn't just suddenly get old overnight!
He had little to no protection.

So, as a fan, I like the off season approach in every other area.

But the question remains.

How do you win with the right side of the offensive line you have?

Why not maximize the potential of your offensive draft picks

I stopped reading at cHris carter.