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    Re: Lets look on the bright side

    "BBQ Platypus" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "BigSkyvikefan" wrote:
    We are doomed without Daunte. Brad Johnson wasn't bad five years ago, but let's get real here, he is most likely past his prime. Our only hope is that the rest of the team pulls it together in order to limp Brad along. Brad doesn't have the leadership skills, or the athletic ability that Daunte has. Let us Bow our heads and Pray......................
    Yeah...and him winning a Super Bowl ring is a total fluke...NOT! Last time I checked, Daunte doesn't have a ring...not dissing him or anything...but Brad deserves SOME respect...and he will do just long as the lazy butt OL gets their act together!!!
    Just because he was on a team that won the Super Bowl doesn't make him a winner and a leader. The Buccaneers won the Super Bowl because of their defense. Johnson had no more to do with it than their starting right tackle.
    He still had to lead the offense and had a pretty solid season:

    Brad Johnson In 13 games, he was 281/451 (62.3%) for 3049 yards and he threw 22 TDs and only 6 INTs...not a bad season AND definitely one that made him worthy of that Super Bowl ring. Yeah, he's no Marino...but Marino would kill for that ring!!!

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    Re: Lets look on the bright side

    I like the fact that Brad Johnson can manage a game without throwing picks all over the place. When he was at Tampa, they ran an extremely ball-control-oriented attack, which plodded down the field, but didn't give up the big pick the other way. That Super Bowl ring on Brad's finger also attests to the fact that that can work, too.

    To be honest, I see no reason that the Vikings can't be 8-8 this year, or even 9-7. I mean, look at our remaining schedule, which IMHO will go down like this:

    - Lions - will beat them at home. (W)
    - at Giants - we will lose this one big-time. (L)
    - at Green Bay - we win a close one, the Packers just stink. (W)
    - Cleveland - they just lost to Houston. Nuff said.. (W)
    - Detroit - we win. (W)
    - Rams - probably lose (L)
    - Pittsburgh - they will kill us (L)
    - Baltimore - we can beat them (W)
    - Chicago - we win at home (W)

    ... all in all, 8-8, and if we get lucky, 9-7. I mean, it is doable. All we need is for Detroit and the Bears to stumble a bit, and we win the NFC North.

    I mean, it can happen !! :grin:

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    Re: Lets look on the bright side

    Vikings - Brad Johnson

    Bears - Kyle Orton (Rookie)

    Lions - Jeff Garcia (The Bears pounded on him big time)

    Packers - (Brett Favre - no team around him, still competitive, but 1-6)

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Lets look on the bright side

    The Bears and Lions go into OT with the winner getting the NFC North lead and glory. It just goes to show how equally bad these teams are. I hope Brad Johnson can be the spark to start a drastic turnaround to make it to 8-8 and easily clinch the NFC North.

    What a bad year for the NFC North.

    The Vikes have to improve in every aspect of the game right now with the exception of Edinger. He hass been the one bright spot so far.

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    Re: Lets look on the bright side

    At least theres next year...when we can start out with no injuries and whole new set of coaches! Hopefully pep heals correctly and b4 training camp!

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