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    Lets Keep Our Heads Up

    I remember before the game, most of us were excited and optimistic about the game.. as football fans mostly are during big games - no matter who the opponent is. Some of us came out and said the vikes would lose, and it would be a valuable lesson for us. Now that the game is over, we have to go with the fact that there is a lot to learn from this game and we still played pretty darn well considering injuries, poor performance by the line, poor judgement by the refs at critical parts of the game, as well as an extremely hostile environment on the road. This was only the second game out of 16 this year...there is still a long road ahead. As some of you said, maybe we needed this could go a long way in helping us Win in the future. I am confident that as the season progresses, we will continue to build as a team - heck, we have a lot of new faces this year. Once playoff time comes around, the Eagles will still be there - and I bet we dont lose twice. Go Vikes!!

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    Lets Keep Our Heads Up

    Yeah i agree, i can honestly say i am not mad at the players, well i am mad at Elling and hes the only one. I'm very upset with the officiating i thought we played well enough to win if the refs did not play a big role in this game. I'm upset with the playcalling on the goal line. But i'm happy with the offense they moved the ball very well, and the defense did enough to win the game.

    Although i want to look on to the next game i'm having a hard time stomaching the fact that we will probably be without Jimmy and Mike and Irvin for the rest of the season its really killer.

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    Lets Keep Our Heads Up

    The only thing about the goal line stuff, is I wish on first down we would have thrown it up to Moss to see what he could do!

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