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    Re: Let's clean house and build a new team! Who should stay?

    The most important player on the team if I had to only pick one to keep would be Sharper. There are other good players dont get me wrong but Sharper would be the one player I woul dkeep around/.

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    Re: Let's clean house and build a new team! Who should stay?

    "sleepagent" wrote:
    Keep 'em: JOHNSON. He has the experience in this "new" offense and has a ring. Probably has 2 or 3 seasons left in the tank . . . IF . . . he doesn't get his head knocked off & our "O" line will block. He's smart, can read coverages, and gets the job done.

    Get 'em: Our Future QB. Maybe in the draft or maybe in FA. If not this season, then next.

    Get 'em: Another Veteran QB to B/U Johnson. Someone in the Ferrotte mold. Steady. Experienced.

    Lose 'em: CULPEPPER. Too expensive and we can use the money to bolster the team elsewhere. WAY too many turnovers & dumb reads. He had 7 years.

    Running backs?---------------------------------
    Keep 'em: SMITH. Hopefully he's learned his lesson. If not we're in a bit of a pickle. Moore doesn't appear to be a 20-30 carries-per-game back. Approaching Bennett-esque territory. Will Chuck Foreman come out of retirement?

    Get 'em: Short Yardage Power Back. Leroy Hoard or "Bus" mold. "If you need a yard, he'll get you 3. If you need 5 yards, he'll get you 3."

    Receiving corp?---------------------------
    Keep 'em: Have ALL our existing receivers compete for jobs & dump those that don't produce. Nothing exceptional in this group. Some potential. Average to Above Average. Boy, I still miss MOSS!

    Get 'em: Tall Jump-Type receiver for goal line. Soft hands. Moss-esque.

    Rest of the offense?----------------------------
    Fix the "O" line with depth. TE/FB are set.

    Defense? --------------------------------------------
    Decent, but aging. Should gel even more this year. Find players to develop or fill needs (LB and maybe CB). Vikes should concentrate 60% of our efforts to create a shut-down, purple people eatin' "D".

    Keep 'em: KLUWE. Best punter we've had since BERGER.

    Keep 'em: EDINGER. Had his moments, but always came through when it mattered the most. Best kicker since 1998 (except for that one miss), but could be replaced if doesn't improve or costs us games.
    You are kidding, right??? :shock: :roll:

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    Re: Let's clean house and build a new team! Who should stay?

    Let's not clean house...I don't think it's necessary. We aren't a terrible team, nor are we too old and in need of replacements. We'll just fix some weak spots and come out strong! (hopefully!)

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    Re: Let's clean house and build a new team! Who should stay?

    "i_bleed_purple" wrote:
    Johnson? need to keep him because im sure daunte won't be 100% by the beginning of the season so if something happens we have someone reliable to fill in

    Culpepper, keep him. he has poetential to do very very well, this year can be a "test" year, and if he plays terrible again then we cut him.

    Running backs?---------------------------------
    we don't need a bus-type runner because thats not our style of defense. MeMo is a good fit, but edge is better. if we can't get edge i'd like to see us get maroony in the draft and then he and moore can battle it out for starting job

    Bennett? Childress already let him go.

    Receiving corp?---------------------------
    as long as we resign krob we're set

    Rest of the offense?----------------------------

    *cough* mabye O *cough* line

    we've got two solid TE's and we just signed a fullback.(dont know much about him tho)

    Defense? --------------------------------------------
    Last year was the first year we have actually had a defense in a long time. Not a great defense though. Brian Williams had a pretty good year and hopefully we can get him back. Safety is a concern as chavous is as good as gone and sharper's old. we could probably convert bwill to SS if we had to, but i'd like to see a FA brought in to play safety

    also need a lb or two either witherspoon or peterson would go nicely. cowart will be cut. EJ, Napo and Newman can battle it out for the other two LB positioins

    Kluwe - awesome, will get better
    Edinger - average, but 2x better than anything we had over the past few years. i say keep him unless we get an amazing deal on a top kicker.
    dont worry man, Goodspeed definitely improves this offense..great run blocker..he allows kleinsasser to stay at the TE position where he is a more effective blocker and can be more involved in the short passing game
    People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.

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    Re: Let's clean house and build a new team! Who should stay?

    Rebuild. Yeah, glad you don't own the team.
    80% OL
    60% RB
    80% QB
    90% DL
    60% LB
    90% CB
    60% S
    100% ST

    RB, Safety and LB can all be answered with FA and the Draft, and the rest of the positions are better than 3/4 of the teams out there. Remember we get Birk and Fonoti back.
    The Vikes rebuilt in 2002 and are still building. It would be really stupid to "clean house," because of two positions. I wish FA would start so these C-pep/rebuilding posts would cease.

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    Re: Let's clean house and build a new team! Who should stay?

    There are several good comments in here.

    Defence wise i'd have to say that we can trim some fat,
    a. C.Chav - good player, not a GREAT player (keep as backup to B-will?)
    b. B.Will. - Move to saftey
    c. D-line is coming back stronger and better i believe. only concern could be depth.
    d. Possibly look at getting a qb rusher in Draft
    e. Possibly look at getting Saftey - Mean Tackler in Draft.


    a. O-line.. make sure we have depth and a strong starting core.
    > Birk's return helps a LOT
    b. WR's seem sooo set.. possible Draft for future? (like the idea of a >strong verticle jumper)
    c. RB's. THis is our concern area..
    > O.S - could be a great back.. keep off the bong!! (i'll join u for a few >after the career and SB ring.. shit i'll grow it for ya!!)
    > M.M good situation back!!! not a full time carrier
    > C.Fason - bulldozer if he can get the idea in mind.. he's got the will.. >does he have the ummff..
    Possible Draft for upcoming full time carrier
    d. QB Daunte + brad.. Great combo.. pick up def in draft future backup / workable QB.. start now as 3rd string.. and in 2 years be the #2.. and possible #1.
    e. Kicking / S.T. we seem decent here.. get edinger.. keep krob + mm back there!!

    my 2 cnts


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    Re: Let's clean house and build a new team! Who should stay?

    Every Daunte hate hear this
    2 yaers ago he was brilliant, last year he sucked & got injured.
    You gotta give him another chance to rebound, I mean come on.
    Last year our running game sucked, our O line sucked,& our recievers were avg. at best.
    Now you put Payton Manning behind center with no O line & no running game & see how brilliant he will be. :twisted:

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    Re: Let's clean house and build a new team! Who should stay?

    I don't think there is any player that can't be let go.


    QB-Keep Johnson, bring in rookie to train for a year maybe two.
    RB- lose them all, bring in a FA experience
    O-Line-lose them all keep Birk to train them
    WR- keep williamson to develop, maybe Koren and Nate for sure, bring in FA or rookies to train
    TE-doesn't matter, keep Wiggins for solidity

    D-Line-keep Pat and Kevin and Mosely and James
    LB- lose them all, bring in someone GREAT
    CB-winfield and Edwards can stay
    Safties-keep Sharper for a veteran the rest of the DBs bring in new young FA and drafts

    Punter-keep him
    Kicker-Dime a dozen stay or go. Give Elling another shot next year, good leg, just needs to develop

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    Re: Let's clean house and build a new team! Who should stay?

    Your solution is to lose everybody? that is so stupid. We have a lot of talent. We aren't even close to rebuilding.

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    Re: Let's clean house and build a new team! Who should stay?

    You talking to me? If so, I didn't lose everyone. But face it, not exactly cutting it as is. Yes the Vikes can keep more players than I stated, I guess what I was gettting at is not a big loss if we lose any or all of the rest. They can be replaced rather easily. i.e. anyone on the o line can pretty much be replaced, running backs currently on the roster can easily be replaced. Get it?

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