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    Letdown for Vikes at home?

    Actually Vike, the Pack is one game better....
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    Letdown for Vikes at home?

    Are you referring to my post? one game in the standings, but we are pretty equal in all other aspects. We'll catch you!

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    Letdown for Vikes at home?

    Wow, talk about putting spins on who lost to who. Why don't you both ask each other, how many teams with winning records have either of you beaten? ONE. Yeah, offensively, I think you have really good units, Moss, Culpepper, Bennett and Smith and Favre, Green, Walker but defensively, you both suck. You couldn't compete with the likes of Indy, New England, Pittsburgh, Philly, hell or even Atlanta. Vick would kill you both. Truth is, I think you will both back into the playoffs and promptly get your asses handed to you because you cannot stop anyone. Or at least, you haven't stopped a good offense yet.
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    Letdown for Vikes at home?

    Our D played well against Indy in the second half aside from the last drive....

    Our D can play with anyone in the second half of games...but will get torched by the worse of them in the first half....

    and BD who's your team Chicago?.....and your ...................talking........Smack? WOW

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