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Thread: Lesnar leaving

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    Lesnar leaving

    I think we all knew he was not gonna make the final roster of 53 men, so it isn't a big suprise that he is gonna be in the first group of cuts. He should be in the first cuts, so we can have more time to look at guys who could possibly make our final 53. This doesn't mean that he won't be on the practice squad, which is less than 50/50 right now, according to tice. I think it would be nice to have a guy like him around the rest of our guys, showing them how much passion he has and his great work ethic. Things like that would rub off on a lot of guys and probably has during training camp. But at the same time, we can't use a practice squad spot for just that reason, so if we don't think he can make it in the NFL or that it will take longer than expected, then it is a good idea to let him try and find another team willing to take that time.

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    Lesnar leaving

    "SKOL" wrote:
    That's exactly why I think he makes the team. It's all about money. Maybe I'm making too big'a deal of this, but I'm not sure the practice squad is an option. He would have to clear wavers, and a team desperate to put butts in the seats (Arizona) may claim him.

    Of course if he completely bombs the next two pre-season games it won't matter.
    As far as him clearing waivers, I doubt any other team would sign him. As I said, it is obviously that the guy is a liability on the field. If he had done something outstanding on ST (ala a Steve Tasker or Chris Walsh), then maybe you could justify putting him on your roster. But he hasn't made a single tackle, forced a single fumble, nothing. The only way Lesnar puts butts in the seat is if he actually plays, and he isn't good enough to play (yet).

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    Lesnar leaving

    He played two series at the end of the 49ers game. From my vantage point he forced a sack, and made the final tackle of the game.

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