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    Lesnar cut today

    "whackthepack" wrote:
    Haven't seen who has been cut around the league, hope we can get a kicker and maybe another DB.
    Actually, I'm thinking Derek Ross that we picked up last week will provide the CB depth we have been looking for.

    Not sure if there will be a safety cut that will be better than Offord. Unless Tyrone Carter is really hurt badly, they will have to keep him on the roster until he heals up. I wonder if Jack Brewer will make the Giants squad? He is still listed as 3rd string.

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    Lesnar cut today

    In response to doubting Lesnar will make it on the practice squad it is hard to say. If you see what Tice says about him today you would say he would for sure make it on the practice squad as Lesnar is the only one Tice is really talking up from the list of people cut today. Although he also said he is not going to mention who he is interested in as he doesn't want to give his opponents any idea who the vikings want on the practice squad so perhaps the extra hype Tice is talking about Lesnar is to make other teams believe they are interested in him to keep other teams away from the real people they are interested in for the practice squad who knows I have quite trying to figure Tice out half the time now what he says is opposite of what happens....

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    Lesnar cut today

    Elling (smelling) is really inconsistent with his kickoffs, he is short on a lot of his kicks and he is line driving his deep kicks which gives the opposing team a good chance for long returns.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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