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    "purplepat" wrote:
    "muchluv4moss" wrote:
    "BigEasyViking" wrote:
    Yeah, I think with a year of training that this guy can be something special. I've gotta say that I'm rooting for him not only because he's on my beloved Vikes, but also he's from my home state of South Dakota!

    Am I the only one who thinks he should be playing DE and not DT? His best attribute is his speed. It is really being wasted inside. He really got pushed around playing DT. I know he is gonna get better and learn how to shed blockers, but I would like to see him play DE where his 4.7 speed could be used.
    That was my observation...that he got pushed around. He showed me nothing. Frankly, I'm not sure he even deserves to be on the practice squad. Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting for the guy, but he clearly looked overmatched.

    Is there such a thing as "double secret practice squad"? :P
    Am I the only one that noticed that Brock was getting double teamed on most of the plays?
    something witty and comical... followed by genuine sarcasm.

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    He was only out there a couple times. He did bull rush the center almost to the QB and got his hand up and almost blocked the pass. The other times he was double teamed. If he can hold up two that opens others up to get to the QB.

    I say at least practice squad or Special teamer

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    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    After playing both positions, I can honestly say that DE is more mentally challenging. A DE generally has to have better/more pass rushing moves and countermoves, better play recognition, discipline, hands etc.

    I don't think Lesnar has the Technique to be anything more than DT for now, DT is arguably the easiest position to learn, so it probably suits him well.

    Right now he is struggling at DT on his pass, rush (a least according to you, I havn't seen him play), that would only be amplified on DE where you are counted on more to get a good pass rush. At Dt a good run stuffer who lack a good pass rush is still serviceable.

    Since you have played both positions, you would then know that pass rushing isn't the same at DT, that it is at DE. He has to be able to shed blockers at DT, to be a good pass rusher there, and he can't do that yet. If he was at DE, he could use his speed and athleticism to get around the O-lineman and not even have to worry about shedding them on some plays. To say he is struggling on pass rushing isn't really fare. He is playing DT and can't shed blockers, how in the heck is he suppose to be able to rush the passer then?

    Sure DE is definitely harder to learn, but it isn't like we don't have the time to teach him the position. He isn't gonna play this year, so why shouldn't we teach him DE while on the practice squad and while playing in NFL europe? I still say he is much much beter suited for DE.

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