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Offense Could Change With Childress Gone

Childress called the Vikings' offensive plays in 2006 before turning over those duties the following season to Bevell, a former college quarterback who broke into the NFL as an offensive assistant with the Packers in 2000.

However, Childress, who favored a run-first version of the West Coast offense, only partly relinquished control. He was heavily involved in game-planning meetings, held a play sheet on the sideline and communicated constantly with Bevell on game days, at times relaying the precise play he wanted to call.
Look at that everyone! On the contrary of what many of you believed, Childress was heavily involved in the play-calling. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping Childress was the person who was responsible for the bad decisions.
Food for thought. With Childress gone...

Vikings vs. Redskins:

23 passing attempts
38 rushing attempts (22 of which were Gerhart alone)

Of the 15 passes Favre threw that were caught, as previously posted, only 1 of them was for more than 10 yards in the air.

As I mentioned before, the secret to us winning was because Favre did less. They limited how often he threw it & limited how far he threw it.
Ergo, there's was less risk of a turnover & far better ball control.

That only works though, when you have a team that will give up the run. There are only a few teams worse than the Redskins when it comes to giving up the run. Hell, there are few teams worse than the Redskins when it comes to giving up the pass also. That's a big factor in our success against them.

When we face a team that stops the run game, we will be forced to pass more, so it will be interesting to see how we counter those teams & what the outcome will be.