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Thread: Lee Suggs

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    Re: Lee Suggs

    Our running game will be fine, led by Moore. Once Culpepper can start throwing more accurately, it will force the defense to stop putting 8 men in the box making it much easier for our guys to run.

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    Re: Lee Suggs

    Bennett just can't seem to get everything right.. he actually broke some tackles yesterday and got some good runs but he couldn't hang on to the ball.. If he could stay healthy.. Do what he did yesterday constintly while holding the ball he would be good.. But on the topic I wouldn't take Lee Suggs.. He hasn't really done anything

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    Re: Lee Suggs

    "WilliamsonOfTroy" wrote:
    I'll take almost anyone right now besides bennett. whata bum, and to think i wasted 80 bucks on your jersey!

    Ouch WofT ... that hurts !!! Put it on E-Bay or see if you can trade it for David Carr jersey ... even that would be a step up at least ... :cheers:

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    Re: Lee Suggs

    We don't need Suggs. Suggs is no better than what we have now. Start Fason if we are that concerned with the running game or as I have said before, make Jimmy into a FB or get one in FA to lead block. I think the main problem right now is blocking rather than the RB's themselves.

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    Re: Lee Suggs

    Suggs sucks, we need people to block and better play calling.

    Another great sig by PPE!
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    Re: Lee Suggs

    Ya-da, Ya-da, Ya-da
    And the beat goes on. Let's get this guy or that guy. If you all had your way we'd be trading away the entire team.
    We had a decent team last year. Not a great one but a decent one. Everyone agreeded that the off-season pickups were just what we needed and praised them. Now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to get other players. My what a fickle bunch of fans.
    The problem does not lie with the players my friend, it lies with the coaching staff and especially the loss of a great offensive coordinator who was really the "head" coach.
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