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    Leave it to a Packer fan!!!!!!

    Check this out, people............................................ ...

    I am living here in Tucson, Az. so I have to go to a bar & grill that has the NFL Sunday Ticket.
    Well, there turned out to be alot (28, at our last count) of my fellow Vikes fans that came to show their "Colors".

    Anyway, I was sitting with a friend who is also a HUGE Vikes fan.
    We were talking earlier, on how these three "A-S-S
    CLOWNS" (1, a Green Bay fan wearing a Favre jersey, 2, a Lions fan wearing a Lions construction hard hat, and #3, a Bears fan, wearing a Berrian jersey).
    They were all sitting together at the same table.

    Anyway, I brought it up to my friend, that these idiots,(especially the Packer fan) could have been watching the Green Bay vs. Philly game.
    But instead, they were all more interested in heckling us and our Vikings!

    After awhile, I was getting irritated, and told my friend Bruce that I really needed something to happen, so I didn't have to be such a cordial fan(since that's how WE are.....)!
    Not too damn long after that, Peterson kept his eye on the ball, and ran 60 yards for the TD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As Adrian was running down-field, I was standing on the rung of my chair (clearly above everyone there), and yelled "ALL DAY, BABY!!!"
    "ALL DAY,.............ALL DAY!!!!!!"
    When Peterson crossed the goal line, a bunch of us Vikes fans were on our feet and giving high-fives.
    I then said it out loud just one more time, and looked at those idiots at the other table.

    Then the Packer fan says: "But what time is it; but
    what time is it?"

    I looked at him, and said: "It don't matter what time it is, when it's
    ALL DAY!!!!"

    After that, they pretty much shut their mouths.

    [b]The Moral of My story:[/b ]
    Shut your mouth, and get the H-E-L-L
    outta the way, cuz the "A" Train is comin!!!!

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    Re: Leave it to a Packer fan!!!!!!

    Lol.That must have been perfect timing with that touchdown pass.U guys (all 28 of you) should have just kept syaing that to those 3 guys.Like they would have the cojones to stand up to 28 guys.

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    Re: Leave it to a Packer fan!!!!!!

    Packer fans are jerks. They would rather heckle a viking fan than watch their own game. What a waste of a football fan. I cannot wait till the next home game.

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    Re: Leave it to a Packer fan!!!!!!

    It was definitely SWEET, but do you believe that the Bears fan actually leaned over another table and shook my hand and said:
    "That was good, man!"

    So, I got mine!!!!
    Oh, BTW, ALL of our fans laughed their a-s-s-es off when I told #4 that!
    He kinda cowered at their table after that!!!

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