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Thread: Kyle Wright cut

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    Kyle Wright cut

    Looks like I'm the first to break this story. Just noticed it under roster moves on the team website.

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    Re: Kyle Wright cut

    So we kind of knew we wouldn't carry 5 QBs to camp. I bet some expected that it would be Bollinger who got the axe right now. But I guess this is the logical move, even if it will never matter in the end. If we count away injuries it'll be TJack, Gus, Booty when camp is over.

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    Re: Kyle Wright cut

    I still think they will try to get this kid on the practice squad.
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    Re: Kyle Wright cut

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    I still think they will try to get this kid on the practice squad.
    Its certainly a possibility that the FO is giving him a chance to make another squad and leaving the door open for him to come back to the PS.

    Its almost like reverse Psychology from the Thigpen ordeal last year.
    With a ton of vets still sitting out there right now, Wright can kind of fly under teams radars until PS time.

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    Re: Kyle Wright cut

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