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Good news, now they can get this behind them, and concentrate on football.
unless it gets overturned, then we get screwed hard.
Actually, I'd really like this news, either way. If the federal ruling that remanded the case back to state court get's upheld, which I think it will because of this article, then we don't have to worry about it all season. If the ruling is reversed, then we miss those guys for four games, but it's during the easiest streak of four games we have on the schedule.

Either way, the issue won't affect us later in the season when we're playing the tougher games on the schedule, when it could really hurt us.
If they do get suspended, I want it to be right away, not down the stretch.
People underestimate our DT depth.
Yes, losing two Pro Bowl DT's will hurt - but we could live for a couple games with Fred Evans and Jimmy Kenney/Letroy Guion in there.

A lot of people forget, Jimmy Kennedy is a 7 year vet and has a bigger frame than Pat Williams (6' 5", 320lbs), having the opportunity to work with Karl Dunbar and learn from the Williamses, he could be a huge asset for us.

Imma huge Kennedy fan.. I think he is a decent NT.. Awesome back up

Hope he starts working hard and lives up to his 1st round talent
wow, I hope so.
If so, we got an absolute steal in him.

Hope hes a cast away that we stole and can say fuck u for@!